10 things you didn’t know about The Office

TV Guide has a really interesting list of things you may not know about The Office:

  • The Office was originally developed with FX or HBO in mind.
  • Steve Carell almost missed out on becoming Michael Scott.
  • Jim and Pam might have been an interracial love story.
  • Dunder Mifflin branches exist all over the Northeast.
  • The original Office spinoff idea: A parody of PBS’ An American Family.
  • Parks and Recreation could have been an Office spinoff.
  • Oscar (Oscar Nunez) wasn’t supposed to be gay.
  • Dwight’s backstory was inspired by Wilson’s family, Daniels’ grandparents and UPN’s Amish in the City.
  • Fischer regularly hears from viewers who don’t like stronger-willed Pam.
  • Had NBC ordered The Farm to series, Dwight would have left The Office in midseason.

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