The Weekend Tally

New blogs this week

Other notable items

  • Angela on Megan Mullally: If you missed the show, here is the video.
  • New fanvid site: Welcome the latest addition to the OfficeTally Links Page: — a compendium of Office-based fan videos, maintained by Becca, quite an accomplished fanvid creator in her own right.
  • An Office Halloween: I’ve posted a bunch of Office-inspired Halloween photos that people have sent in. Bask in the creativity!
  • TV Squad photos of Office set: People are leaving some interesting comments on what they are noticing in the photos. Props to the props team for their amazing attention to detail!
  • Office Games Get Flash Make-Over: “NBC’s The Office Games has produced a flash-enhanced game … The new [games] feature cleaner graphics, enhanced sound and quicker relay times …” Read more here.
  • Messages from the cast: I’ve added Angela’s and Kate’s audio messages to the sidebar — find them in the “Notable Posts” list.
  • 48 hours with Rainn Wilson: A little blurb on what does Rainn like to do on the weekend. Thanks to Jill for the tip!
  • Wicked sibling rivalry: And lastly, Jenna Fischer appeared in a video entry for the Instant Films Festival in 2003, entitled The Girl’s Guide to Summer. “What’s a little bit smaller than a cow?” Thanks to Paula for the tip! (And here is a Behind the scenes clip that is also really fascinating …)