The Saturday Tally

New blogs this week

Other notable items

  • A second Diwali deleted scene is available.
  • An item about the Nov. 30 episode of The Office has been posted in spoilers.
  • If you haven’t checked the Halloween post lately, there are now nearly 25 photos posted. Thanks to all who sent in pics!
  • Kate Flannery (“Meredith”) performs in The Lampshades, Hollywood, on Saturday.
  • Craig Robinson (“Darryl”) performs in Pasadena this coming Sunday and Wednesday.
  • Friday, Nov. 10 talk show visits: Rainn Wilson appears on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ (thanks Mo!), and Jenna appears on ‘Late Show with David Letterman’. See the OfficeTally Calendar for the latest list of events.
  • Staples’ MailMate junk mail shredder is “integrated into the story line” of Nov. 16’s episode, ‘The Merger’. Read more here.
  • Casio calculator watches are apparently spurring bidding wars on eBay with Office fans. Read more here (scroll down to ‘Gooden: Rockin’ to Milli Vanilli’ item).
  • Here is an Evan Almighty video trailer. Funny!
  • Lastly, I heard that a promo clip of next week’s episode, ‘Branch Closing’, was shown during ‘Las Vegas’ last night, so chances are, it will be shown again sometime this weekend. If you see a clip of it uploaded anywhere, let me know! :)