The Weekend Tally

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  1. I would’ve entered that Sierra Mist contest if it were available to where I lived. That kind of sucked. But, congrats to the winner! I hope they write about their experience & let us know what happens. :)
    Also, woo! Angela & Todd Packer on Monk! Sweet! I watch that show all ready and now I’ll get to see them. That would be interesting if they were on an episode where Trudy a.k.a Melora Hardin would be on. :)

  2. The air date for Angela on Monk is July 27th and the episode is called Mr. Monk and The Naked Man. Can’t wait to see her in Monk!

  3. I saw the Get Smart trailer while watching Harry Potter last week. It was funny and looks good. I’m going to see it no matter what since Get Smart was one of my favorite shows.

  4. Yeah, that Get Smart trailer got a lot of laughs when it was shown in front of Harry Potter…even in a crowd where 90% of the people present were about two generations too young to know the original!

  5. Like Jules (#5), I saw the “Get Smart” preview before HP, and laughed hysterically! I had doubts about the movie (I’m not familiar with the television show), but after seeing just that little trailer, it looks great! When that beaded curtain broke, I just lost it. Looks like a great role for Steve!!!

  6. Congrats to the walk on winner! That makes two OT readers that have won major stuff associated with The Office. I won the eBay auction for the VIP set visit because I read about it here. Of course, I could still afford to eat and clothe myself if I hadn’t. Bah, minor inconveniences.

  7. Haha, I was thinking Carol Burnett would be great as Michael’s mom! She totally would have dressed him in those little suits and given him the good boy complex. :-)

  8. I entered that Sierra Mist contest religiously. And I knew the odds of winning were long, but what bugged me was I never heard who won. So it was nice to come on here and see not only that there was a winner but that it was an OT’er to boot. Congrats.

  9. How do you think John would feel about a boy in a cardigan? Because I can certainly fill those shoes. ; )

  10. OH yeah, the UBHO, my friends and I (all Office fans) laughed so hard during the beaded curtain part of the trailer.

    And did anyone notice, Leslie got a Myspace? Not sure if it’s really him, but I saw it on Kate’s top friends…

  11. i hope that bidder 12 and walk on winner keep us updated!

    …and i sense a spike in the sales of cardigans all around the country.

  12. I am very happy that an OT reader won the walk-on role. I entered every day and if I couldn’t win, I’m glad one of my fellow Tallyheads could!

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