The Weekend Tally

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  1. Friday in my sixth period class, while my teacher was talking to us, his dvd player screen saver was on in back of him. While it didn’t move around the exact same way it did in Launch Party, I couldn’t help but laugh.

  2. Lol the duck is so cute…but kinda creepy lol.
    I want the screensaver…but how do you get it, it won’t let me save it.

  3. I had never realized that BJ, Mindy and Paul were all in the “annex” because they are also writers and need more time in the writers room.

  4. haha awesome blossom, “the duck is so cute…but kinda creepy lol” …just like michael and jan’s relationship!

  5. Longview is not that far from me..Hum…I see a Dwight road trip in my future. Maybe I’ll wear my new t-shirt!!!!

  6. How cool would it be if Jim got Creed to play “Let’s Live for Today” with Andy on background vocals and sing it for Pam. It would be perfect for a Valentines Day episode. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

  7. love the screensaver!

    is it sad that me and my roommate sat here for about 5 minutes waiting for it to go right in the corner?
    and it never happened.
    i’ll keep waiting.

  8. Okay, The Office: Invasion is my new favorite youtube video. Andy’s “chainsaw” bit was perfectly placed.

  9. Whoever wins that set visit is going to be so lucky. Fingers crossed they take heaps of pics and let us know how it went.

  10. I love the screensaver. Although I have a widescreen laptop, anyone know how to expand it out to full dimensions? Great weekend tally though!

  11. That Office invasion video was amazing, it actually gave me chills and made me laugh at the same time. Awesome.

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