The Weekend Tally

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Note: there will be no Weekend Tally next weekend …


  1. In the Daily Show archives, there is a segment Steve Carell used to do called Produce Pete, and there is one with him talking about beets!

  2. If I had a use for those Coach drafting totes, I’d get one, but I’m definitely looking into the charities, anyways.

    The new wallpapers are really cute, and I’m listening to the interviews right now.

  3. Thanks so much for posting the Comedy Central link! I’ve been looking for “Touched By A Scalpel” ever since Youtube removed TDS clips from their website.

  4. The 5th video on EW was great! I’m starting to realize that John and Jenna are actually hilarious!

  5. It looks like you can also pre-order The Office PC game on their site!

    Dude, I LOVE their store!

  6. In regards to the Daily Show clips, there was an interview Steve Carell did with like two toddlers about Cookie Monster being a bad influence health-wise for children. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, and I can’t find it on the Comedy Central site. Does anyone remember this, or might I just have missed it? Thanks.

  7. Is anyone else having major trouble viewing The Daily Show videos? Whenever I click to watch one, my internet page automatically closes! It’s very fustrating. Suggestions?

  8. Are all of the writers in the guild required to strike? (Or is this a non-issue, as they would anyway?)

    I’m kind of confused about how it works… especially with so many writers on The Office pulling double duty as actors. Does that affect anything?

  9. That’s exactly what I was wondering LL. How do you handle a strike like that when you’re both writer and actor (although I’m under the impression they have no choice in the matter if they’re part of the guild)? As much as I wouldn’t mind seeing the BBC Office, I want Season 4 to go smoothly. Thursday night is a highlight of my week. This whole situation makes me nervous.

    On a happier note, is the NY Times right? B.J. at the convention? That would be awesome.

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