The Weekend Tally

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  1. Congratulations Tanster on best entertainment blog! The award couldn’t go to anyone better! is the best blog/site out there.

    I want Michael’s Hawaiian shirt! lol

  2. Wow that Rashida Jones video is hilarious! Never heard of that show before but it was really well done.

    And félicitations for the Award tanster. Obviously well deserved.

  3. Wow. NBC must really be hurting for money if they’re auctioning off props. Did Jeff Zucker have to go with the Gulfstream 200 instead of the Gulfstream V this month? When will those greedy, greedy writers realize the privation they’re visiting on struggling executives?

  4. i have!
    you can tell she is a writer, haha.

    all of the stuff they’re striking for is really obvious. it should end soon.

  5. Sorry for the double post but that Rashida vid was funny. I loved it when the teenage girl told her “Pam is better. She can totally eff you up”. Ha. Also loved “Shut it, Shida”.

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