The Weekend Tally

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Fan vid: Jim vs. Dwight


  1. What a great little story about meeting Kate! I don’t have any idea what I’d do if I noticed an office cast member in public… Probably nothing but get red-faced and stare… lol How totally nice of her!

  2. Steve’s kid is a cutie!

    And “Weighty Decisions” is pretty darn funny. lol.

  3. I am SOO happy to hear there is an almost 40 minute blooper reel! Thank you Office crew for hearing our pleas!

  4. Forty. minute. blooper. reel.

    I would say I loved Jenna’s blog but I pretty much blacked out after that part.

  5. Loved reading Jenna’s blog… That woman is so classy and kind.

    Thanks for posting a massive Weekend Tally, Tanster!

  6. 40 minute blooper reel? Wow! That sounds like heaven.

    I’m going to see BJ at Caroline’s Friday night! I am beyond excited!

  7. yay for 40-min blooper reel! Those intern fan vids are really well done…they all act in-character

  8. I have a feeling she may be taping Letterman tomorrow (Monday) and it will air on Friday since he always pretapes his Friday shows.

  9. I actually screamed at the 40 minute blooper reel part. And I’m at work! That’s so awesome.

  10. #10 – I’m thinking Ashleigh is right. I had a few friends that interned at the Late Show and they do indeed tape two shows on Monday… Monday’s show and Friday’s show. Plus, this website lists her as a guest on Friday:

  11. Great weekend tally, a special thanks to Jenna for answering her blog questions. I’m also very excited about the brownie recipe.

  12. OMG!! Jenna’s blog just made my whole week!! She is soo sweet by answering fan questions and a 40 MINUTE BLOOPER REEL is AMAZING!!

  13. Me and my friends met Kate at In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles last November during the writer’s strike and she was every bit as nice as he says. She talked to us for a good five minutes and took pictures as well. Great to hear she’s still as nice to her fans as ever! Great story!

  14. I am pretty sure the 40 minute blooper reel is actually 4 minutes long. I really doubt they would put 40 minutes of bloopers. But we can hope right?

  15. That video with Jenna and the interviews about The Promotion was great! I laughed out loud.

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