The Weekend Tally

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Fan vid: Jim vs. Dwight


  1. AHH! 40 MINUTE BLOOPERS!!!! That totally makes up for the lack of finale commentary. WOO!

  2. is anyone going to see BJ Novak at Caroline’s on Friday night? i’m going to the early show

  3. I just checked Letterman’s site and it says that Jenna is on Friday.

    I don’t think anyone’s mentioned it, but 40 minutes of bloopers? That should be a good day. :)

    That MTV interview was funny.

  4. The Prince’s Gates Production is really well written. I watched the entire thing. Very Office-like. Good job.

  5. yesss!!! 40 minute blooper reel!!! jenna is so nice for answering those. the thing about angela was hilarious, too.

  6. Yea I think it’s just that Jenna Fischer is taping her part tonight, and the actual guest tonight is Adam Sandler.

    Speaking of those two, I’d like to see them in a movie together.

  7. wow, that jim vs dwight vid was AWESOME! great job to whoever made it, it was edited really well and to me it was hilarious even though it had that spooky narration :P thanks for sharing!

  8. I particularly enjoyed Jenna’s answer to the dude who asked her if she wanted one of his pet bunnies…hysterical.

    “Thank you for offering me your first born bunny…”

  9. i love bj in that interview, haha poor thing being turned down by denise richards. i hate her now

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