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  1. I am so excited to see all of these movies! Especially Ricky’s and his all-star cast.

  2. A interesting comment from Steve Carell in the US Airways Magazines article:
    “I’m committed for at least a full seven seasons”
    So that means there will be a seventh season? :D
    I know that is a long time in the future, but still, YAY!

  3. That is so awesome Dale Earnhardt Jr is a fan of the show! They should get him in an episode. I will be in Scranton for the next Nascar race in August.

  4. In response to #5, the significance is that Jenna Fischer is in it. She is sitting in the driver’s seat or her car with the window down and they are singing next to her. It’s at 1:09 and 3:08.

  5. Question.

    NeoCon isn’t open to the public is it? How can people not registered for NeoCon meet him? Anyone know?

  6. I watched the video for Everything. I really liked the idea, I just don’t see the significance. Can anyone tell me?

  7. Wow – what an awesome Tally!

    Sounds like Earnhardt’s a bonafide Office fanatic! How cool! And it’s obvious that Ricky Gervais’ movie is going to be incredible – I’m already pumped! Also, being the nerd that I am, I’m inordinately excited that Steve is going to be on Larry King.

    Thanks, Tanster!

  8. I love A Cursive Memory! I’ve been following their group from the beginning… nice to see some sort of Office significance. It was also awesome to hear Cursive Memory on Jenna Fischer’s page. (-: That video is great!

  9. When Steve said he was committed a full seven seasons, I’m pretty sure he means his contract. In all of his interviews, he has always said that he would never leave, which is lucky for us!

    Another fantastic Weekend Tally, Tanster!

  10. That Steve interview was refreshing! He’s so down-to-earth and real, despite his superstardom.

  11. Did anyone see the pic of John next to the article about the movie…scary he looks like my chemistry teacher omg he looks so different at first I didn’t know it was him and usually I always know when it’s him

  12. Wow, the Admissions Office video was amazing. (Check out their second episode, too.) It recaptures the spirit of The Office’s first season.

  13. Aw, I can’t wait to read Angela’s baby blog!
    I loved the Steve article, too. The story about how he and Nancy ended up together was sweet!
    And wow, does JKras look different!

  14. Rainn Wilson’s movie looks good! The indie film that Jenna is in should also be alright.

    I love the Steve Carell US airways interview, he’s so down to earth. So real, yet so shy and unlike most of the characters he plays on TV.

  15. Oh man, the Admissions Office episodes are great. The Steve character is fantastic and he delivers so many lines that I could completely see coming from Michael Scott. I wish there were more.

  16. Thanks so much for all of articles, videos and news.
    John Krasinski with a beard and glasses is oh so dorky and adorable! That guy had his head shaved in Jarheads, wore geeky glasses and greasy hair in Smiley Face, and got a super short haircut for Leatherheads…what a trouper!

  17. Is anyone in Chicago going to try and see Rainn at NeoCon? I don’t think the event is open to the public, but I might go see anyway.

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