The Weekend Tally

Tidbits about ‘The Office’ show, cast, and staff for the week ending October 12.

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  1. Ok. I’m not joking. The TWSS incident nearly happened to me. We were in AP Calc and my friend said something also the lines of “it’s just too hard”. Come on, I couldn’t let that one pass!
    My teacher asked to see me after class and told me my behavior was “disruptive to the class environment”. I shrugged and said “Come on, you teach high school students. Did you really think that was going to slip by?” He ACTUALLY admitted I was right and let me go. TRUE STORY.

  2. That’s hilarious/kind of terrifying that the Cookie monster video on Youtube did not exist until it was mentioned in The Office…
    What power the writers have…

  3. the twss picture is hilarious. almost everyone in my contacts list will lol.

    how about that movie in the works with Tina Fey and Steve C. as a married couple? bliss!!

  4. John’s sultry voice makes me want to compulsively buy a ridiculously expensive phone that I will not use to its fullest capacity. That’s magic, folks. PURE. MAGIC.

  5. Very tempted to watch the cookie monster, but I do not want that song in my head for another 5 months.

    Man, John is such a voice over slut. Ok I guess if I could make $$ doing that I would do anything I was offered. I want to be a slut too.

  6. I agree, the detention notice was GREAT.

    I’m a teacher and I’ve had to stop myself from saying TWSS when students are complaining about a test being too hard!

  7. detention?!?! I feel bad for you. At my school, we just get stern looks or muffled laughs for saying that. Kind of ridiculous and funny, though.

    Is that really John’s voice? At the beginning it sounded like him, but as it went on I wasn’t too sure.

    And the wedding date paragraph was hilarious and sad for Andy. He just can’t take a hint, can he?

  8. I seriously just laugh-snorted at the detention slip. That is hilarious and I hope detention was worth it!!

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