‘The Office’ wins Best Comedy Ensemble SAG Award

The Office

Jenna Fischer and cast accept the SAG Award for Best Comedy Ensemble.
So fantastic.

Jenna’s speech: “Hi. Thank you. They voted me to speak if we won, so — which we didn’t expect. Thank you so much. We really love working together. We love each other, we love working together and being together. And as an ensemble, a lot of the people in this group struggled for a long time as non-working actors — and by a long time I mean, like, eight, 12, 15, 20 years. So, we’re always grateful, we don’t take it for granted. Thank you so much.

But there’s another part of our ensemble, that’s our crew, and we want to dedicate this to them tonight. We can’t wait to go back to work with them, so, thank you so much.”

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Acceptance speech


Annie, Caroline, Jules, Maddy, Emily


  1. I screamed, it was quite exciting…

    does anyone know if they were all wearing black for a reason?

  2. Viva la Dundies!!!!!

    Congrats to the cast and crew of the Office!

    Jenna what a heart-warming speech…and btw you look hot!!!

    Totally Awesome!!

  3. YEEESSSS!!! I screamed so loud I scared my dog. LOL I must admit, I wasn’t expecting it … but it’s SO deserved!! I love those people! Congrats to everyone!!! (sorry for all the exclamation points, but I’m crazy-excited!!)

  4. Hooray!!! I’m so happy they won. Seeing them all together again was a treat, and it made me hope more than ever for a fair–and fast–resolution to the strike.

  5. Wow, it’s so great to see our favorite cast together again! Did everyone see Angela’s growing belly?! Everyone looked great,especially my main man, John K…I’m so proud, I actually teared up a bit! I miss this show!!!!

  6. Yay! We’re driving home from our trip so I just read the news on my phone and screamed in my husband’s ear while he’s driving (not a good idea). I’m so excited and proud of them!

  7. i seriously cried
    i love the office so much
    and it was just ahhh… so amazing
    i really liked how the cast chose to acknowledge the crew

  8. Yay! It was so nice seeing them all together again. I miss seeing them every week.

    Congrats guys!

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