24-Hour Contest: Say What?

The Office

What to do: fill in what Dwight and Michael are thinking! (Note that the bubbles show what they’re thinking, not what they’re saying out loud.)

To submit an entry: add a comment to this post with your text. (Don’t submit a graphic.)

Rules: 20 word limit per bubble. U.S. only, ONE ENTRY PER PERSON, correct spelling/punctuation/grammar, valid email address required.

Prize: I’ll pick one winner to receive a Target Office goodie from the OfficeTally Prize Chest. (Yes, I seem to have a chest-load of these things …)

Deadline: submit your entry by noon tomorrow, June 18th. You only have 24 hours!


  1. Dwight: Looks like you got a Trojan virus.
    Michael: (Thinking)…That’s what she said! (But instead said)…Well, thanks Dwight for using my computer to watch porn!

  2. D: officetally.com…These people know too much about me.

    M: Hey! That’s from my Lazy Scranton video!

  3. D:….I must have Mose ensure Andy gets put in jail. Muwah ha ha
    M:….Ryan looks sexy in the black and white striped jump suit

  4. D: So it’s a chipmunk…turning around…with music…I don’t get it.

    M:Greatest. Movie. Ever.

  5. Dwight: Almost fixed…I haven’t been this helpful since I plowed great-uncle Ulrich’s beet field. Promotion, I will conquer you!
    Michael: Bob Hope… Rodney Dangerfield… Pam has nice legs… Paper clip… Paper clap…I’m so funny…… Wait…Why is Dwight here?

  6. Dwight- If I finish this quickly, I might still be able to win that box set.

    Michael- I wish I was as hot as Ryan.

  7. D: I could totally go undercover like that guy cop as a woman, I could be a better woman than him.

    M: That chick is so hot!

  8. D: According to Wikipedia, Lamaze classes involve “breathing and relaxation techniques under the supervision of a midwife…”

    M: Mid-wife? Like when you’re engaged? So I have to be engaged to someone else for this to work?! …(yelling) “Pam!”

  9. Dwight: That looks like Michael and Jan
    Michael: I can’t believe she posted this to YouTube

  10. D:…I could easily hit the pressure point on Michael’s thigh from this angle.

    M:…This thigh master was worth the $19.99. Dwight can’t take his eyes off me.

  11. Dwight: This is what I imagine Michael looks liked naked.
    Michael: Yup, that’s about right.

  12. D: Oh yeah, three-way bidding war on all of Michael’s stuff! He’s gonna make a fortune!
    M: *sniffle* My Seiko watch certificate… :(

  13. Dwight: Fools! I can’t believe how much people are bidding on this Xterra. Who would actually want to buy this Japanese hunk of junk?

    Michael: Hmm… The Xterra isn’t too shabby looking. Rugged, yet smooth.

  14. D: The computer just spoke?! It’s become self-aware…
    M: Hee hee, this program is amazing.

  15. Dwight: I knew there was no such thing as Gaydar. Stupid Halpert. Oh wait, is that it?

    Michael: We don’t even need this stupid thing. Clearly the only gay person in the office is Toby. And maybe Phyllis. Oh and Meridith, probably.

  16. D: gotta find Ryan’s arrest video on Youtube to show Michael–it’s in my favorites! hahaha

    M: wow, you can watch videos on the internet?

  17. Dwight: Now I’ll use Jim’s credit card to pay for Michael’s mail order bride.
    Michael: She could have had bigger boobies.

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