1. seriously one of the best moments in office history. I didn’t think ANYTHING was going to happen. I thought “oh they’re just going to leave it blah… how lame..” and then “BAM! Jim comes in like Batman…” Except, he’s way hotter.

  2. Just a thought about all of this. Does anyone think there is a chance that Jim wants to talk to Pam about his future with Karen now that they are back to being “friends”?

    By the way, give Jenna an Emmy. She is amazing. I got goosebumps!

  3. never before have I so appreciated the work that the editors at The Office are doing. that scene was beautifully put together and sequenced and whatnot. in my opinion, an even better finale than last year’s.

  4. Pangela-

    That’d be hokey, and would alienate fans of The Office. As Kim says, they’re dating, it’s as simple as that.

    I’m not sure that it’s the best thing for the future of the show, but there it is. It’ll be interesting to see how they can keep it interesting.

  5. The sound everyone heard was the collective exhale that we have been holding since Casino Night.

  6. Let me put it this way… if a girl smiled with that kind of conviction because of me, it’d be the best moment of my life. Jenna totally sold that and then some, it was wonderfully sincere.

  7. Man, that’s tear-inducing. They really got it right, all of them: Paul, Michael Schur, Ken Kwapis, Jenna, John…
    The episode was so intense and chockful of good dialog, plot lines, surprises and emotion. “The Job” should be submitted for Emmy consideration.

  8. #2 Kim — Pam and Jim are now dating. It’s as simple and complicated as that.

    perfectly, perfectly said.

    The writers can give us great moments of friendship, romance, humor within a relationship. And its only one storyline amongst many.

  9. yeah… Jenna/Pam’s reaction was fan-freaking-tastic. I also ADORED Jim’s face when he was like, “Okay thennn it’s a date.”

    Loves it.

  10. Pangela,

    I think if it was just to be friends, he would not have said “ITS A DATE”. He would have just said great. See you later.

    I totally think Jenna should get an emmy for this episode. I keep watching that last scene and i start crying.

    Its absurd. My husband now officially thinks i am a loser b/c I am such an office junkie.

    (He watches too, and loves it but he is wrapped up in Fantasy baseball.)

  11. NBC said it themselves in the description of the video: “Pam and Jim start a new chapter”

    The JAM is upon us… embrace it people!!!

  12. Tanster,

    You should take a poll to see which finale was more satisfying to viewers? Off the bat you would think people would say last nights but keep in mind that at the end of season 2 no one new that Pam was gonna turn down Jim, it just ended with the kiss. Both finales were great!

  13. He said “it’s a date”–can’t get more clearer than that.

    Although a little part of me is apprenhensive.

  14. Just perfect. Last night I wanted a kiss too but actually it would have been too much. Go season 4!

  15. Aww man. The video isn’t working for me. I guess I’ll just have to go and watch it (and then the whole episode) again on my DVR. So WHAT if I already watched the ending three times last night? I need all I can get to sustain me through the long summer months.

    And I agree, Jenna (and the whole cast) deserve Emmys for this episode and/or this season as a whole.

  16. LOOOVED IT and it gives me goosebumps everytime! I could watch it over and over and over and over…

  17. I say that this finale was a bit more satisfying that Casino Night–as amazing as that was–because of the circumstances of the characters.

    Last year, I don’t think any of us really believed that Pam would just up and dump Roy on the spot and live happily ever after with Jim. Both characters were in difficult places in their lives, and needed time to grow and mature. And this season was mostly about Pam and Jim “earning” the right (for lack of a better term) to be with each other.

    This finale felt so satisfying because we, the viewers, have been suffering right along with them this whole season, hoping that they’d figure it all out eventually. So when Pam was talking about being okay and happy for Jim and herself, I believe she was sincere. This is not a speech that season 2 Pam could ever have made. This was a moment when Fancy New Beesly emerged from her chrysalis and spread her wings.

    And the fact that Jim was there with his Pamtterfly net made it all the better. (okay, that was a lame joke…even for me)

    My point is that Jim and Pam are finally at a place where they can start being with each other. Will it be all yogurt and jellybeans? I doubt it. After all, Karen will most likely be back next season for more weirdness and angst.

    Still, it’s a beginning, and that’s good enough for right now.

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