1. Amazing clip from an amazing episode

    One question, why can I view this clip in Canada while the rest of the deleted scenes, etc it tells me that it cannot play the video in my location??

  2. Considering the history that the characters have and all of the circumstances that came to a head last night, I really believe that the scene is one of the most brilliant in the history of television. Maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic, but I’ve watched it over and over today and am still stunned at how well it was written, filmed, edited and especially acted.

    Jenna NAILED it. She managed to get her eyes to tear up and her voice to crack when she said “I’m sorry, what was the question again?”

  3. This scene will always leave me “satisfied and smiling”

    I absolutely loved it. I agree with #42. Best scene ever!

  4. alexandra-
    best Jim and Pam scene ever????

    although I agree that this is an amazing JAM scene. there is no way it beats the kiss (from Casino Night)

  5. I know! I thought it was so cute how Jim just bursted in there like he couldn’t hold his feelings any longer. And when he said “then, it’s a date”, he got all like schoolboy-shy at the end. i love themm (:

  6. I am so watching that scene over and over and over…. its just constantly playing on my computer, and I don’t care. It is so perfect.
    All is right with the world.

  7. I totally agree that this may be one of the best scenes in TV history because of the characters history together. It makes me feel excited, happy, and relieved all at the same time. I cannot stop watching it (and I thought the beach games scene was good). :)

  8. It kind of amazes me that some people have gotten so skeptical that they don’t see the significance of Jim saying “It’s a date”. He STRESSED the word date. Intentionally. I really don’t think that he would have done that unless he wanted to make it clear to Pam that he had more than friendship in mind. I have no doubt in my mind that we are ending this season with Jim and Pam in the early stages of becoming a couple. The only question in my mind is if it’s going to be real-time at the beginning of next season like it was this season. I’m inclined to believe that it will be, just because I can’t see them deviating from a formula that they used before…But who knows. As much as I would like to have seen the intital courtship, it’s probably for the best, to keep the show from being too, well, for lack of a better word, cutesy. A flashback would be nice. I also wouldn’t be opposed to a well-placed makeout session in the PLoD (parking lot of doom, as GMMR calls it) just to kill all those sad memories from past episodes.

  9. I too found myself sneaking peaks of the ending all throughout the workday. And being touched by the brilliant story–brilliant acting. Kudos to the writers for keeping the integrity of the show, developing Pam’s character so realistically and believeable.

    I wondered for weeks how they would wrap up this season, and while there were probably many “easy” story lines to develop, this one was absolutely perfect.

    Jenna with the tears and big grin…outstanding.
    John with the reflective nature and introspective…superb.

    Television ensemble at it’s best.

    BTW, my favorite scene all night was Jim’s face when he thought about the question “where do you see yourself in 10 years”

    Heading over to Itunes now to download!

  10. Between last night and last week, give Jenna Fischer an Emmy already!!! That girl rocked both of these last 2 episodes!

  11. Couple quick comments –

    I figured the end of the season would have them get together, it’s been due that’s for sure. I just hope the series will stay fresh with Jim and Pam dating.

    I say this because when it was on the air, I was a huge fan of “Friends”. But I always thought the best episodes were when Rachel and Ross weren’t together. The episodes that went on and on about them being together/broken up were brutal to me. I just hope The Office doesn’t go in that direction, although with all the actors in the show I’d be surprised if they did (esp. Michael, the show will never get old with him there)

  12. Will Do-

    I can’t really equate Jim and Pam to Ross and Rachel, just because they’re totally different characters. I was an avid watcher of Friends, but The Office has by far surpassed my love for that show. Ross and Rachel were both very one-dimensional characters… Which has been the case with most sit-com characters before The Office. I have faith in the writers, and I think they can pull this off, especially since there are so many other storylines to follow besides Jim and Pam. Just look at Dwight and Angela. Very little has evolved or changed in their relationship, and they are clearly happy together now, yet they are every bit as funny, if not funnier, as they have ever been.

  13. It was a great ending, but not as good as Casino Night. I dunno, I loved the ep, but I didn’t get the same rush as I did last year.


  14. jim would not have drove 2 hours to scranton just to ask pam out on a date. a few of my office friends were worried that jim just meant a date as in just friends. i think thats ridiculous and i refuse to take the magic away from the moment lol

  15. Yeah I agree with Kismet too, and I love this show more than Friends as well. What I really was trying to say is I’m slightly worried of the Jim/Pam storyline. They probably wont stay together forever, that would be boring. And if they break-up/make-up over and over, that would be annoying. I’m just a little worried, I feel almost bad for the writers.. this past season was so amazingly good, I’m not sure how they will match it next year. But I sure hope I’m wrong!

  16. Kismet #56.

    Once again I completely agree with your comments. I was also a very loyal fan of “Friends”, and while it remains in or at least near the top 5 of my list of favorite television shows, “The Office” has, by far, surpassed my love for “Friends”. In fact, “The Office” has really helped me realize that as great as “Friends” and other shows may have seemed, they still lacked a lot, especially in the areas of realism and offering different categories of humor.

    The problem with getting romantic leads together and keeping them together on television shows has been the writers encountering problems keeping the relationship interesting. I think this is a trend that the writers of “The Office” can change because this is a different type of show and they are certainly a differnt type of writers. If ever a show could keep things fresh and exciting, I beleive it’s “The Office”. First, there is a certain innocence and purety to Pam and Jim’s relationship that we’ve never really seen from a television relationship. Second, as you noted and as I have pointed out in previous posts, while Pam and Jim are a big part of “The Office”, they are not the entire show. The writers are bleessed with so many storylines and so many great characters that they don’t have to feel forced to flood us with what is going on in their relationship in each and every show. They’ve certainly proven this over the past season.

    I just can’t wait to see what happens next.

  17. I’ve noticed a lot of comments made about how wonderfully-acted this entire segment was by both Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski. While it’s impossible to put into words just how great every aspect of the acting is (especially Jenna’s performance in the talking head), I’ve noticed that no one has commented on John Krasinski’s reaction during the beach scene when Pam says “I wish you would.” The look on his face at that moment completely blows away any reaction he had to Pam’s speech during “Beach Games.” I know that I’m probably the world’s worst for reading too much into the smallest subtleties, but the look on Jim/John’s face at that moment suggests that he finally realizes that Pam also wants to be “more than that.”

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