1. I couldn’t stop thinking about it at work today. Jenna and John have such good chemistry together. I can’t wait to see where it goes!

  2. I’m still waiting to see the corpse of Karen and Jim’s relationship.

    It would suck if there was a talking head from Jim or Pam in the first episode that went along the lines of “well, we dated, but it was too weird and we decided to be friends.” They say weird a lot.

    Episode 4.01 The One Where They Disappoint Everyone

  3. Last night’s ending was perfectly The Office. This show compared to Friends is apples to oranges. Friends, while a great show and a great cast, always bowed to network pressure.

    The Office, on the other hand, has a team of genius writers who have done nothing but try to make the show an “anti” sitcom, if you will. I think they are laughing in the face of everyone who thinks Jim/Pam together will end the show or be boring. They haven’t given us anything conventional yet, and I hope they never will.

    Brilliant show. Brilliant.

  4. I agree with Kismet. Jim and Pam are far more evolved than Ross and Rachael ever were.

  5. 62 | James P. Albini

    UMMM, your last sentence made my tear up!! I’m seriously way too invested in these people. :)

  6. I suppose Karen is now looking for a new job in NYC?? Or will she return to Scranton just to make Pam’s life hell??? Stay tuned for Season 4 – Episode 1…

  7. James P. Albini, good observation. After watching the ending many times I’ve come to that same conclusion.

  8. Okay, just caught a little something on my 2nd time watching…when Jim is interviewing and about to hand over his numbers, Wallace makes a big deal about not liking the HR guy at corporate…even mentions his name.

    What to make of that??? Teaser for next season??

  9. DITTO, beetfarm (#66)!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself. God, I love this show.

  10. the word Date — remember Jim called their sandwiches on the roof a “Date” . Pam then freaked out a bit because Jim used that word and denied that it was a date — so Jim using that word – it had meaning – meaning all thru their relationship. Another reason why the writers on this series are soo incredible.

  11. Well well well, what a great 42 minutes. Not just for all the old questions answered but for all the new questions asked.

    From almost every standpoint, this episode was masterfully done. I echo the calls for Emmy nominations! The entire cast and crew have really delivered for this episode, and indeed this season in general. While the storyline mightn’t have always been what we wanted to see (Pam/Roy part 2 for example) it was a neccesary path to end up where we are now.

    Despite the best attempts to deny it beforehand, this episode was always going to be about Jim and Pam.

    Having said that, we had some other great stories here.

    – Jan’s meltdown was utterly epic, lord only knows where that new ‘stretchpants’ sub-plot is going to go!

    – The twist of Ryan being offered the job (assuming that is what actually happened) was such a brilliant comedy note to end on too! I can already picture Ryan having to chastise Michael over the phone for some transgression or another. Here’s hoping Ryan continues to feature strongly in season 4.

    – Creed, as always, cracks me up. Swing low, sweet chariots. Enough said.

    – Finally, Michael’s self-delusion about being a certainty for the job… WOW. For me, this was a classic ‘The Office’ plot that could have been at home in either the UK or the US version. I can picture David Brent suffering under the same delusions. It’s really nice to know that the writers aren’t straying too far from the basic principles that make this show so lovable.

    So, on to season 4 then, I will say this: I am REALLY looking forward to it, but with reservations.

    For me, the appeal of the Jim/Pam or Dawn/Tim relationship was always in the subtlety. A furtive smile over a joke or a head dozing on a shoulder meant so much more than any overt gesture ever could, and that is the appeal of such relationships on a show like this. I mean, if Dwight and Angela were openly making out all over the office that would be weird right? Oh wait, they are…

    I for one hope that Jim and Pam succeed in their relationship, and that it is a lasting feature of season 4. I just hope that it is carefully handled. The whole secrecy and ‘I can’t, I’m engaged’ nature of the relationship up until now is what makes it so appealing. Given that they’ve lost that element now, it has to be replaced with something else to make it interesting. But PLEASE let’s not see it flicker out too soon, they’ve gone through so much that it HAS to have some substance!!!

    SO, what do do now for the next 4 months? Well, I realised the other day I haven’t watched a single episode of the UK office since the start of the second season of the US version, and that’s a shame, because it is an excellent program.

    Those of you who haven’t seen the UK office, PLEASE do yourself a favour and go get hold of both seasons and the Christmas specials as well. I guarantee you’ll love it and it will give you a whole new appreciation of the characters you already know.

    Other than that, I’m going to try and wean myself off the US Office for a few months. Watching re-runs just won’t help me I’m afraid!

    Have a good summer / winter everyone. Just like you guys, I’ll be here at the start of September with my nerves on edge!!! What fun!


  12. First, a shout out to Jenna for a continued recovery and what an amazing performance these last 2 eps and all season.

    One thing I had wondered is if the writers were worried that the S1/S2 “magic” between Jim & Pam could not be replicated. Jenna noted in an interview (linked to from OT) that on the Hi/Hey, they had no idea how amazing that was until they actually watched the show. The chemistry may not work when you are conscious of it and try to create it. But seeing this ep and even seeing pictures of them from the upfronts makes me think this will continue to be fresh. What seems to add to their charm is their “Next door” look and modesty.

    I have to admit I was not believing Jan/Michael and was shown why I was wrong.

    Thanks Tanster. I love the site and appreciate you getting it back up and running.

  13. OK maybe I’m off on this a little bit. But I’m pondering an attempt at a Ryan and Karen. Remember the ladies bathroom scene where he divulged his interest in Karen. Well now, he will be in NY and I would venture to believe that with Karen’s love of the city, she just might leave Scranton. After all there is too much of one person there, right?

    Anyways it would be an interesting flip. Two professionals always out to be on top, snooty, and and well a little jerky. They might fit well.

    So, Ryan and karen… Anyone see a possibility?

    -oh and I’ve never seen One UK episode. Am I the only Office fan who hasn’t crossed the ocean on this one?

  14. Ryan and Karen? Haha! That’d be hilarious, but I don’t think it will happen.

    As for Pam and Jim, I’d have to agree with the multitude of you that have commented on “maybe it’s just a friendship date”, but I WON’T BELIEVE IT! Not until it is thrust at me in the first episode this fall. Until then, stay hopeful! JAM forever!

  15. No way that is is just a friendship date. (1) Wallace asks where he sees himself in ten years, he thinks instantly of Pam (2)the word date has previous meaning to them and he emphasized the word (3)the emotion that he showed during the exchange, there was more there than simply friendship though I do believe they will take things very slow (as they should so we can all get to see how great their relationship becomes…)

  16. Ok so the conversation has drifted from this topic, but I just watched the UK scene and Tim’s talking head was so similar to Pam’s that they had to be purposely modeled after each other.

    And someone is going to yell at me, but I’ve never seen any of the UK show…I can’t believe that british Jim is the naked guy from love actually! lol!

    (ps: OH, and I LOVE JAM!!!! :) )

  17. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but…
    I’ve read a lot of comments about the moment when Jim finally realizes that he belongs in Scranton with Pam (the note w/the yogurt lid..)
    But how about the moment when he realizes that he absolutely DOESN’T belong with Karen…during Jan’s breakdown when she tells them that he shouldn’t feel sorry for her because she’s “Crazy”. Jim’s response…fake laugh then “OH MAN”…that moment of exhale is when he realizes that he and Karen are not and will never be on the same page.

    Pam would have never gotten that much enjoyment (as Karen obviously did) over Jan’s situation.

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