1. I loved those videos! They’re so cute together, and how about Jenna in a baseball cap? ADORABLE. (I’m not gay.) She looks so Pamlike there.

  2. Seriously, could these ladies be any more fabulous? Thanks for posting this, Tanster. It put such a smile on my face! :)

  3. I knew her own page was going to come soon! And I agree, Angela would be the coolest talk show around. I love watching her videos. :)

  4. Such an awesome video with Jenna! I love those two so much!

    There is also a great place for fans to submit questions to Angela… I was sure to ask what her favorite party planning moment was :)

  5. Jenna and Angela are the cutest friends. I love it anytime they are together. I love this adventures with Angela thing!

  6. Oh man, I love those two! Jenna’s reactions are priceless. How dare she talk about coupons all morning long ;)

  7. The videos are fantastic – another wonderful insight to what awesome friends they are! But I really hope they never get in an accident, because neither is wearing a seat belt in the car! Sad!

  8. Is Jenna wearing Pam’s sweater from “The Merger” that her mom made for her? I think she definitely is.

    Haha. They’re so funny together. I can’t wait for more video’s. Angela is the best at just talking.

  9. That was so cute. I love Angela! Oh, and how cool is it that Jenna waits for the Bed Bath and Beyond coupons just like I do?

  10. Aw, they’re cute!!
    Number 12, do you have a Mac? It wasn’t working for me either so I did some software updates and now it works. Man, that’s really sad that I only update my software if something Office-related is at risk!

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