Got questions for Andy Buckley?

Andy Buckley David Wallace The Office

I am so excited that I’ll be chatting with The Office’s Andy Buckley this weekend!

As you know, Andy plays Dunder Mifflin CFO David Wallace, and he has appeared (either in person or on the phone) in no less than nine episodes this season! And I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him …

So I’m sure y’all have a few questions for him, right? :)

Submit your question here by 11pm PT tomorrow night, April 3rd.

Remember, non-spoilerish questions only. Thanks!

P.S. I may not be able to moderate many (if any) questions during the day on Friday. Just know that they’re in the queue! :)


  1. You play David Wallace so perfectly; he’s patient and cool and his character inspires confidence in the company. But how many tries typically does it take you to do a scene with Steve Carell without breaking? The scenes between the two of you are so over the top I can’t imagine being able to get through them without dissolving into laughter if I was you.

  2. 1) What’s it like working with Steve Carell? Is he really as cool and down-to-earth as he seems in interviews and what not?

    2) What’s it like juggling your real life job with your acting job?

  3. ‘Golden Ticket’ was one of my favorites this season. The scene with you, Steve, and Rainn was absolutely hilarious! How long did it take you three to nail that awesome scene?

  4. First I want to say that Andy is truly one of my favorite actors on the show. He is so freakin natural in that understated way. And the way he plays off Steve is a thrill to watch each time. Beautiful. My question: Are you back doing acting full time now, or do you still have your day job?

  5. When David Wallace asked Michael to go to Corporate and share what exactly he was doing “right”, when all the other offices were struggling, what kind of answer do you think David Wallace was expecting? (Bet it didn’t include getting take-out! lol)

  6. Are you and Steve Carrell friends off-camera? It seems like you have a good working relationship.

  7. 1)How hard is it for you to not break when doing scenes with Steve and/or Rainn?

    or this one, which i’ve been dying to ask since i first saw the pilot

    2)i know you probably aren’t the one to ask, but are you the voice of Todd Packer when he calls Michael during his meeting with Jan in the pilot episode?

  8. 1) After Season 3’s Cocktails episode, my brother & I have always wondered who’s the better basketball player: you or John Krasinski? ;)

    2) Of all the Office episodes that you’ve been in, which one is your favorite?

  9. 1) How did you first get involved with The Office?

    2) How did you feel being the character responsible for the break up of Michael and Holly?

    Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  10. Do you have a back story for your character now? What would he be doing on a typical Saturday?

  11. I love Q&A’s! Andy, thank you so much for doing this! We Tallyheads thrive on behind-the-scenes Office info. And Tanster is so good at getting it for us! Here’s my question: (it’s a two-parter) What is your favorite and least favorite parts of working on “The Office”?

  12. In past seasons, you’ve been mostly confined to the Corporate office and working with just a few of the other characters (Michael, Jan, etc.). What has it been like this season to be actually IN the office and working with the other actors?

  13. Why does the CFO handle all of the issues we have seen over the past few seasons? Does Dunder Mifflin not have a COO? A director of human resources? What about a CEO?

  14. Hi Andy, first I have to ask – how’d you get to be so awesome? But my real question is, how do you feel about the tense relationship between David Wallace and Michael Scott? It seems like Wallace wants to support Michael, but is just stunned by the level of insanity he brings to the company. Also, kudos on the outstanding job you do with your character. Seriously, you should get an Emmy!

  15. Which do you think is better, being a CFO on The Office, or being a CFO in a real office? And how do you keep such a straight face when dealing with Steve’s hilarious complaints?

  16. His track record with VP’s to supervise the branches is less than stellar. Is David Wallace unlucky or incompetent?

  17. I have a senior position in a company and what I love about how you play David Wallace is that you make him truly realistic and relatable….not a stereotype which would be so easy to do. Like Jim, Pam and Oscar, he grounds the show. What influence do you have in developing this character?

  18. Why do you think David puts up with Michael? Anyone else probably would have fired him long ago.

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