1. awesome! i was looking forward to seeing her pregnant pictures!! wish she’d blog more while she has time off! :)

  2. Cute photos! I also love that Rainn is “checking up” on Angela and the baby. Dwangela forever! ;) Love (and terribly miss) this cast so much.

  3. Ah, this little story and pictures put such a big smile on my face. Pregnancy sure suits her!

    If things go according to plan, I’ll be seeing Angela perform out in L.A. in a few weeks and can witness her “glow” in-person. :)

  4. May 9th is my sister’s birthday. She was born in 1991. That is so awesome! I love that Rainn calls her baby, ‘Their baby’. Dwangela rocks!

  5. omg i have her dress!! and she is getting SO big!!

    and thats so funny! on “Dwight’s baby” :P thats so sweet how he checks up on her! i love their relationship!

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