Angela Kinsey Clairol bloopers!

Saturday, December 17th, 2011 | 17 comments


Here are bloopers from Clairol’s Nice ‘n Easy commercials, starring The Office’s Angela Kinsey.

Blooper reel #2

Blooper reel #1

Angela, you OWN this. :)

(If you missed it, here’s one of Angela’s commercials.)

Tipster: Valerie


  1. 1. Name  

    “It’s really hard for me not to say ‘that’s what she said’ after some of these.”

    hahaha. That cracked me up.

  2. 2. FishRockette  

    LOL! Those were hilarious! Angela cracks me up! Now I want to read her scripts so I can figure out what she wanted to TWSS!

  3. 3. Sabrina  

    This woman is absolutely adorable! How can you not like her? She is soo funny, I love her!!

  4. 4. laura  

    These were really funny!! Angela is awesome! I wonder what lines made her want to say “that’s what she said”.

  5. 5. mindy (mindysfavshow)  

    uhh uhhh work it flip the page! hahaha oh Angela you are too funny! That’s so my personality too, haha

  6. 6. erin  

    She is so cute and funny, I heart her.

  7. 7. Ryans' Hobbit  

    I love that we can hear people cracking up on the background!

  8. 8. Brooke  

    Wow, I have such a girlcrush on her.

  9. 9. Leesa  

    There is literally no possible way for me to love Angela more.

  10. 10. Sammie  

    Haha oh Angela is adorable!

  11. 11. Erin  

    I’m guessing that her urge to say “That’s what she said,” probably stemmed from the product name, “Nice n’ Easy.”

  12. 12. FlonkertonChamp  

    i heart angela. she is like, the cutest thing on the planet! “top o’ the mornin’ to you, guvnor!” man, irish and cockney all in the same sentence… that takes talent.

  13. 13. Shard  

    Wow she’s funny, sexy and cute in this! Even her bad english accent is adorable.

  14. 14. Beth  

    She is truly amazing! LOVE IT!

  15. 15. Stapler  

    I echo everyone’s comments – the real Angela is just adorable! How I envy Jenna Fischer for getting to be best friends with her!

  16. 16. Christine  

    She is just too funny! I love her!! I think she’d make a fun friend!!

  17. 17. Matthew D  

    Those were hilarious! She seems like so much fun.

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