17 thoughts on “Angela Kinsey Clairol bloopers!”

  1. “It’s really hard for me not to say ‘that’s what she said’ after some of these.”

    hahaha. That cracked me up.

  2. LOL! Those were hilarious! Angela cracks me up! Now I want to read her scripts so I can figure out what she wanted to TWSS!

  3. This woman is absolutely adorable! How can you not like her? She is soo funny, I love her!!

  4. These were really funny!! Angela is awesome! I wonder what lines made her want to say “that’s what she said”.

  5. uhh uhhh work it flip the page! hahaha oh Angela you are too funny! That’s so my personality too, haha

  6. I’m guessing that her urge to say “That’s what she said,” probably stemmed from the product name, “Nice n’ Easy.”

  7. i heart angela. she is like, the cutest thing on the planet! “top o’ the mornin’ to you, guvnor!” man, irish and cockney all in the same sentence… that takes talent.

  8. I echo everyone’s comments – the real Angela is just adorable! How I envy Jenna Fischer for getting to be best friends with her!

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