Angela’s Office prop giveaway!

Angela Kinsey is giving away actual Office props on Thursday! —

I will post a blog on Thursday the day of the premier with the list of items that I am getting … the first people to post a comment to my Thursday blog with the item they want will get that item.

More details here.

As if we need another reason to be excited about Premiere Thursday. ;)

Sept. 20 update from Angela’s MySpace bulletin

Date: Sep 20, 2006 4:08 PM

Subject Prop Giveaway!

Body: Hey guys,
I’ve gotten a lot of requests from you that the prop giveaway blog be done in the late afternoon. I am going to try to shoot for that. It’s a little tricky for me because I will be posting this blog from work. Yes—while the cameras are rolling I’ll be in the background typing away. ;) I have been working all week with the prop and wardrobe department for some cool items. Good luck and thanks for supporting the show!