Angela’s Office prop giveaway!

Angela Kinsey is giving away actual Office props on Thursday! —

I will post a blog on Thursday the day of the premier with the list of items that I am getting … the first people to post a comment to my Thursday blog with the item they want will get that item.

More details here.

As if we need another reason to be excited about Premiere Thursday. ;)

Sept. 20 update from Angela’s MySpace bulletin

Date: Sep 20, 2006 4:08 PM

Subject Prop Giveaway!

Body: Hey guys,
I’ve gotten a lot of requests from you that the prop giveaway blog be done in the late afternoon. I am going to try to shoot for that. It’s a little tricky for me because I will be posting this blog from work. Yes—while the cameras are rolling I’ll be in the background typing away. ;) I have been working all week with the prop and wardrobe department for some cool items. Good luck and thanks for supporting the show!


  1. I was so happy to read that since I missed out on Jenna’s giveaway that she had earlier. Since I don’t work on thursday I can keep hitting refresh on Angela’s page all day long!

  2. oh that is awesome!! do you have any idea what time you will post your blog?! :) i’ll be at work all day and they block myspace here. just a rough estimate, early in the morning, noon, or evening?!!!!!!

  3. I’m actually taking Thursday and Friday as vacation days so we can stay up late to watch Steve on Leno Wednesday night, watch John and Jenna Thursday morning, have an Office Marathon of Season 2 all day, watch the premiere, then stay up late enough to watch John on Conan. It’s a disease, this Office-oholism. So, I could easily hit refresh between episodes, since our computer is right next to the TV, right?

    Should we start a support group?

  4. This worries me. I’m usually the 7 millionth comment. I’m hoping my luck is better come Thursday. If i don’t get anything, i’ll be sad. But it’s worth a try! Unfortunately i have class Thursday so i hope she doesn’t do it until Thursday afternoon. Dang. Ok, i’ll stop now.

  5. Wow, this will bring my abuse of the Internet at work to a whole new level. If I can find a way to hit refresh on myspace for 8 hours straight while hiding my browser and pretending to be working, I’m going to be pretty impressed with myself. Or… I’m going to be fired.

    If I’m going down, I’m going down with an Office prop, damnit!

  6. “If I’m going down, I’m going down with an Office prop, damnit!” LOL! Brilliant. I’ll see you in the unemployment lines, lindsay ;)

  7. yes!! she said she’s going to try and do it in the late afternoon! who has the fastest internet connection?!!!!

  8. I have to attend a Poverty Summit all day. Yipee! And I won’t have any internet access, so here’s hoping it’s after 4 p.m. EST.

  9. Gah! Everytime I go to Angela’s site, her blog section disappears. Contests never work out for me. Although I did win a drawing for a radio flyer red wagon once. But that’s it, I swear! :)

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