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The Office: Goodbye, Toby, 4.18-19

The Office

W: Paul Lieberstein and Jen Celotta, D: Paul Feig

Summary (NBC): It’s Toby’s goodbye party at Dunder Mifflin and Michael demands a huge celebration that matches the joy in his heart. Angela, sick of Michael’s unreasonable last minute demands, refuses, and Michael turns to Phyllis to take over the party planning committee. Meanwhile, Dwight and Meredith haze the new HR woman, Holly (Oscar Nominee Amy Ryan). One-hour long.

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The Office: Chair Model, 4.14

The Office

W: B.J. Novak, D: Jeffrey Blitz

Summary (NBC): Michael’s fascination with a woman modeling a chair in an office supply catalog makes him feel things he hasn’t felt in a while. With Michael distracted, Kevin and Andy team up to win back Dunder-Mifflin’s stolen parking spaces, forcing them into a showdown with the bosses of the five businesses of the office park.

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