OfficeTally’s April Fools Day prank, 2010

After taking a break from April Fools Day shenanigans last year, OfficeTally returned with an important announcement for 2010.

For this year’s April Fools Day prank, OfficeTally announced it had been “integrated into Google.”

OfficeTally sported Google’s minimalist page design — gone were OfficeTally’s trademark quote banner and links to popular features such as The Office episode schedule and spoilers page.

Here is what OfficeTally’s home page looked like for most of today:

April Fools Day

If you had clicked around, you would have seen that it was a fully functioning site — all of OfficeTally’s content was still there, it just had a Google skin laid on top. (Thanks to Woogle for that.)

And if you had clicked the OfficeTally Terms of Service link at the top right corner of the page, you would have seen the full disclosure:

April Fools Day

The Googlified site was live from around 1:30am to 3pm PT. Just like in 2008, comments streamed in throughout the day, but I only posted the ones that didn’t catch on to the joke… for full pranking effect. (All comments have now been posted.)

Anyway, thanks for being good sports about it all! I figured since there is no new episode of The Office tonight, you wouldn’t mind too much.

In conclusion:

  • OfficeTally is NOT part of Google. This was an April Fool’s prank.
  • We now resume regular OfficeTally programming, quote banner and all.
  • This post was formerly titled “Are you guys up for another Office peeps contest?” and the original content is here. Full details about the contest coming Friday! The contest is NOT a prank. :)


  1. Yes, Peeps are still available and I would imagine they will be until sometime after Easter! I would love to enter this contest!

  2. Yes they are still in stores (if you act fast). If the deadline is Easter or earlier it might be too difficult for people to get their entries in, but if the deadline was afterwards it might work.

  3. I was wondering if you were going to do this again. I didn’t enter last year but would definitely enter this time around. Peeps are going fast but I think stores have enough for us to do something with. Maybe not a scene but instead doing the title of an episode. That would really get the creative juices flowing.

  4. i was actually surprised you DIDN’T already have the contest up and running!

    great seeing you on ‘company picnic’ last night on tbs! :D

  5. I would participate this year. I just looked over last year’s entries and they were so cute! I wish I knew about this site back then.

  6. Yes, I loved this contest. I mean my entry last year was weak compared to all the finalists but I loved looking at what people made.

  7. Only season 6 scenes will make it kind of hard because we won’t be able to go back and look at all of the episodes. Any chance you’ll reconsider that part? How about any scene that wasn’t depicted by one of last year’s finalists?

    [from tanster: ah, let me think about that. thanks for the feedback!]

  8. YAY! I loved the entries from last year. I missed out because I don’t live in the US, so I wasn’t eligible.
    But this year…could I still participate, but not win a prize?

    Can’t wait to see everyone’s entries!

  9. #14 – I was wondering that myself. I would love to participate, and I don’t care about the prize. Would that be okay, Tanster?

  10. I love this contest! I don’t know if I will have time this year as this is a busy time of year for me, but at the very least I will get to enjoy watching all the creative entries.

  11. I drew out what scene I’m going to do and tomorrow I will go buy my “supplies”. I’m so glad I’m off and have the time to do this. Good luck to all, can’t wait to see all the greatness!

  12. @13 I just did a search on google image for the scene I wanted to do and it came up (twss) if that helps at all for ya.

  13. OH MY GOSH!!! I looked at last years contest pics and I STILL have tears rolling down my face! Hands down, the best contest ever!!! I can’t wait to see what people come up with this year! If I had a shred of creativity in me, I’d participate, too. But, I’ll leave it to the professional peepsters :)

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