1. Team Pam!!

    Definetely … I mean after all it was the “JAM I’m in love with you promo” that ran over the course of the summer that got me hooked and got me watching “The Office” so much that it has become an obsession!!

  2. Jim winding up with Karen at the end would be so disappointing! If his feelings for Pam are that strong, he shouldn’t give up so easily.
    I’ll bet that Karen has a dark side we haven’t seen yet.

  3. Yeah, maybe she’s one of those psycho obsessive girlfriends that go nuts with a knife after they break up with/decide they don’t want to be with her. Haha… i can see it now, actually…

    But either way – Pam will win out in the end… she’s got to! The writers know Pam is IT.

  4. Team Pam all the way! Too bad, i’m poor and can’t afford a t-shirt. i might have to just make one then

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