Tallyheads, meet Aziz Ansari

If you’re an Office fan following the post about the new show being helmed by Greg Daniels and Mike Schur and starring Amy Poehler, then you know the show also stars Aziz Ansari.

But who is Aziz? Here’s more from the man himself.

Hey OfficeTally readers,

My name is Aziz Ansari. Before I get started on the new show, I’m doing a standup tour and thought you all should come see it. If you buy tickets to these shows, you’ll get to see a great show and I’ll make more money on my tour. It’s really a win for both of us.

If you aren’t familiar with my work, here are some clips from my sketch comedy show Human Giant that led to me getting cast in the new show:

And here is a clip of my standup too:

So there you go. I hope that is enough to persuade you to come see my shows. If not, this has been a real waste of my time.


From tanster: here is Aziz’s blog, Aziz is Bored. Lastly, here is a report from Tallyhead Matthew who went to see Aziz’s standup show.