Baby photo quiz

The Office Baby Shower

Think you can match Dunder Mifflin employees to their baby photos? The Dunder Mifflin Infinity site has posted a baby photo quiz, complete with full-sized baby photos of the cast, some which weren’t shown during last night’s Baby Shower episode!

(I myself did horribly on it — 7 out of 13.)

Link: Baby Photo Quiz (you must be logged in to play)


  1. I got an 11 out of 13. I think I mixed up Darryl & Stanley.

    Where were Michael, Pam & Jim’s pictures?

  2. Haha Tanster, I only got 7 too!

    Was thinking, is this why Mindy Kaling randomly had that baby photo with her during an interview recently…? (I forget which one it was =) )

  3. 11 out of 13! But I couldn’t see the answers anywhere, so don’t know which ones I missed…

  4. i got 9 out of 13! where do we see the correct answers?

    and i second where were michael pam and jim???

  5. Thirteen out of thirteen baby! YEAH!

    PS- I was SO ready to see baby pics of Jim, Pam, and Michael. Oh well. I’m feeling pretty happy with myself right now : ) Happy Friday everyone : )

  6. Woohoo, 13 out of 13!! A few of those were really difficult!

    Ghoulina: there was only one picture of each person.

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