1. YES! Toilet paper squares! Of course, Michael had to guess 14! I love that Angela Kinsey got that little nod from her Adventures with Angela footage :)

  2. Why was this stuff cut out? I loved seeing Jan get some instant karma from Kevin.

    And loved the call back to Toby in Costa Rica. I miss Toby.

  3. Very funny. I hope one of the deleted scenes shows Jan’s reaction to what Dwight did to her baby carriage…

  4. I loved Jim’s comment about her not being as beautiful “once you get to know her”.

    I loved this episode!! And loved this deleted scene!!!

  5. Great deleted scene! Lately the deleted scenes have all been pretty funny. It must be so hard for the editors to decide what to cut.

  6. Why cut this? They should have cut the stuff with Dwight testing the baby carriage, that added nothing to the episode and they never followed thru with it fully.

  7. Kevin’s deleted scenes have been hysterical lately! Why aren’t they keeping this stuff in?!! Come on, now!!

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