Beer us strength.

Tonight, the last episode of The Office Season 4 will air.

The LAST episode. For the foreseeable future. WOW.

No more late Thursday night quoting. No more linking to deleted scenes. No more updating the spoiler post.

Well, you know what I say to all that? Adapt. React. Re-adapt. Act.

That’s right — when life throws a strike, you make strike-aid.

OfficeTally will charge full steam ahead, continuing to provide news and entertainment for Office fans, wherever I can find it. Maybe we’ll do the Survivor game for Seasons 1 and 2. Throw in a contest or two. Perhaps I can persuade more Office staffers to swing by for a chat.

OfficeTally will also continue to provide strike coverage. I am keeping in touch with the writers. And they want to keep in touch with you, the fans.

Let’s stay strong and stay together. OfficeTally is still open for business.

Thanks for hanging in there,
Jennie (aka tanster)

P.S. Any ideas on what we can do while we wait for our beloved show to return? Please post a comment.


  1. Wow, this is unbelievable. I think I’m going to cry after tonight’s episode.

    I think we should all boycott watching the show online. DVR, people, please!

  2. I think it would be funny to do an “If I were a writer…” type thing where we would submit a story line how we see it playing out… or something along those lines. I figure we know the characters well enough, so if there is no office, we should create a “2nd Office” here…

  3. NBC is Satan. They went from taking on risky, writer-driven shows like 30 Rock and The Office to completely dismissing the writers of those shows within just a few years. Reel ’em in, make bank, drop it like a bad habit if they want a piece.

    Dear Jeff,
    Screw profit. Give the writers what they want or soon there will be no profit.


  4. ah! this is awful, im completely depressed, this is definitely worse that the summer hiatus, this is unknown time. this is scary, i’ll still be checking every day for strike updates.

    WGA – all the way!!

  5. A very sad day in Office flandom, indeed. I’ll continue to support the writers and hope that our beloved show (and all the others) will be able to salvage the rest of the season somehow.

    Jennie – thanks, as always, for all you do!

  6. Tanster, I can’t tell you how thankful I am for all that you do for us. This is a great, organized site, and I’ve enjoyed checking it every day since I discovered it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  7. Wow. “you make strike-aid”? That’s a beautifully-written Michael Scott line if I’ve ever heard one. ;-)

    [from tanster: why, thank you. i worked long and hard on that. twss.]

    This whole thing is very surreal, and it seems OfficeTally will play a new role: a source of unity and encouragement for the die-hard fans during the strike. And what a valuable and immeasurably important role! I’m sure I speak for all the Tallyheads when I say “Thanks, tanster”.

    In the meantime?…I like the Survivor Game for Seasons 1/2 idea. This could really be a nice time for us to get back to our roots (I love, adore, and REVERE Seasons 1 and 2). Also, I’ve been working on developing a simple, tastefully-done, hardcore-fan-focused Office online trivia game. If I ever finish it, I’ll be sure to share.

  8. I’d like to see more Fan Art. Whether just in general or more comic-esque, along the lines of Scranton Summers.

    Hell, if we want to get really ambitious, maybe we can pull enough talent together to do a Flash Animation (with talking and everything)!

  9. I second the support group.
    Chicago fans.. let’s get on this please. :)

    But really Tanster thanks so much, this site and everything related to it means so much to us fans. I’m already crying while typing this… I can’t believe we might have 10 months to go. We HAVE to find some Office related ways to stay connected and keep our show alive. Thank you Jennie!

  10. maybe we should all watch a selected season 1, 2, or 3 show every thursday in place of season 4 episodes. but this would only work for people w/ the dvds

  11. I will pray to the mighty god Jim for help. My alternate is the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Bjork, then possibly Garbage.

  12. I can’t help but play the optimist and say that I think our beloved office will be back soon enough. After NBC realizes that billions of disgruntled fans are no longer watching their network, but are, in fact, packing on the nasty letters about the distreatment of the wonderful writers… they will be forced to give us our show back.

  13. Oooo yes we could start from the beginning and pick a new one every Thurs to watch and re-discuss our favorite parts.. how things have changed, stuff like that. And for those who don’t own it, they could rent it, or if anyones nearby each other, make friends and have a viewing party. I love this idea!! :)

  14. Sigh. Lord, beer me strength.

    Maybe we could start a petition or something to send to NBC. That’d be cool. And I like Dorky Dancer’s idea. But she’s right, that would only work for people with DVDs

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