1. i’m waiting for an even creepier scene with “Ben” & Pam to be shown, another skevy perv ;)

  2. Remember Oscar’s on the Party Planning Committee now. He could have helped the spinsters plan Phyllis’ shower and stayed with them to watch the male stripper. :-|

  3. i dont know why.. but i just want to say this randomly. well not randomly.. i mean its still a deleted scene. just notfrom this season. ok.. let me get to it.

    i think the deleted scene with jim and pam yawning at the same time is the most adorable thing ever and i wish they had kept it in the season.

    ok im done.

    so.. darryl has a daughter, eh? =)

  4. i dont know =(
    i dont own the dvd..i own the episodes via itunes… but my friend lent it to me and that scene stuck on my mind.

  5. Deleted scne 2 is up. Can anyone tell what Creed is saying when he walks away from Angela?

    God, I love Kevin.

  6. Actually, jimhalpertislife, Jim was looking at Pam before she yawned. And since yawning is contagious, it was a way of saying he was looking at her.

    But yes, I agree. That is an adorable deleted scene. XD

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