Best wishes to Jenna on a speedy recovery!

As you may have heard by now, Jenna Fischer sustained a serious injury on Monday in New York when she fell down marble stairs. (Which cancelled her appearance on Conan last night.)

From E! Online’s Kristin Veitch:

I’ve just spoken with Jenna Fischer’s representative who confirmed to me that the Office star slipped and fell down a marble staircase on Monday and fractured her lower back in four places.

Jenna was hospitalized Monday night and is now resting in her hotel room until she can regain enough strength to fly home to Los Angeles. She is expected to recover in about four to six weeks.

Please join me in sending Jenna the very best of wishes for a speedy recovery!

Link: Jenna Fischer Injured


  1. Sounds quite serious.

    In cute news:

    “Fischer’s friend and Office mate Angela Kinsey spent Monday and Tuesday at Fischer’s bedside before her husband, actor-filmmaker James Gunn, flew in from Los Angeles.” -AP

    So sweet. Jenna, we love you. Feel better!

  2. Jenna feel better!!!! That’s quite the fall! We’re all hoping that you make a speedy recovery so you can enjoy the rest of your time off before heading back to Dunder Mifflin for the already highly anticipated SEASON 4!

    Feel better!! Best wishes!

  3. Holy crapoly! Feel better Jenna! That TOTALLY sucks. I just read that on E, so I had to rush over here.

  4. Poor Jenna!
    I feel your pain…..literally. It’s happened to me before. Quite painful.
    Angela is so sweet!
    Feel better Jenna!

  5. This sounds more serious than something you can recover from in a few weeks. Get well soon, Jenna.

  6. I hope Jenna knows she has the collective good wishes of her many extremely loyal fans. I wish her the best of hopes for a speedy recovery.

  7. Oh no, I hope she gets well soon.

    She just needs to mash up some extra strength Tylenol and put it in some chocolate pudding. I hear that works well ;)

  8. Yeah, it sucks to be injured, but look on the bright side– this is what 24 box sets were invented for!

    Also, am I the only one who would love a daily Jenna myspace blog whilst she’s laid up and bored out of her skull? Hey, it’s just a thought!

  9. Wow its amazing that the recovery time is so 4-6 weeks. That seems so fast for such a serious injury. Well Best wishes on healing up quickly Jenna!

  10. Oh that sounds SO excruciating! Both my husband & I feel horrible hearing this news, & we’ll be praying for a fast & thorough recovery. Poor thing.

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