B.J. Novak at Cobb’s, San Francisco

B.J. Novak performed at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco this weekend. I attended Saturday’s 8pm show.

Waiting in line: the show started at 8pm. We got there around 6:45pm, and there was already about 20 people in line. They opened the doors at 7pm, though, so we didn’t have to wait in line for long. We got a great table right in front of the microphone, around four rows away.

B.J.’s show

First off, I loved B.J.’s show! His humor is very low key, nerdy, and punny. If you love words, puns, writing, subtle wit, the Internet, and gadgets, you will love his show, too.

His show included funny observations about Google Maps (he said he actually drove up from L.A.), OnStar, iPods, Craigslist (more on that later), pandas, current politics, and fun on airplanes.

He did some of his more well-known bits, such as Wikipedia Brown and virgins who go to heaven.

He also brought out Shy Puppet. One audience member up front pronounced the end of that bit “anticlimactic,” to which B.J. chuckled, “I have the most intelligent hecklers around.”

That was one of the great things about his routine; B.J.really involved the audience, and reacted to their reactions. He was playful and self-deprecating.

At one point he brought out a stack of jokes written on index cards, and tested them on the audience.

I forget which joke it was, but one joked elicited a wistful “awwwww” reaction, to which B.J. responded, “Hmmm, not quite the reaction I was looking for. I’m not writing Jim and Pam material here.” The audience laughed, and then he said something like “I can just see OfficeTally.com blogging about this right now.” Our table went crazy!

That was awesome and completely blew me away. Thanks for the shout-out, B.J. :)

B.J. didn’t mention The Office very much in his show, but was quite amused at some guy in the audience who tried to interject “that’s what she said” at every opportune moment.

Toward the end of the show, B.J. did thank all The Office fans in the audience, to which he received thunderous applause. :)

All in all, a very entertaining show. Highly, highly recommended!

The Craigslist caper

Early in the show, B.J. takes a Craigslist ad out of his pocket. It is a desperate request to buy tickets for B.J.’s show on Sunday. Included with the ad is a rather fetching photo of the interested buyer. B.J. reads the ad out loud and it’s quite amusing.

A Tallyhead actually went so far as to meet this buyer and his account follows on the next page.

I’m sure B.J. will incorporate this caper-in-progress in tonight’s show; if you are there, please post a comment with what happens!

After the show

B.J. was surrounded by fans near the front entrance. He saw me in the back and recognized me!

I wiggled my way to the front and he smiles at me and says “Did you like the shout-out?”

I gave him a hug and thanked him for mentioning OfficeTally.

He had mentioned in his routine that he drove up to SF from L.A., so I asked him, “Did you really drive up?” He did indeed, with his good friend Dan Mintz, who was B.J.’s opening act.

We chatted for a bit more, and then said our goodbyes; he had a big group of admiring fans waiting for photos and autographs, and I didn’t want to hog any more time!

I did get a chance to meet a few Tallyheads, which is always awesome.

It was a really fun night and as I mentioned earlier, if you get a chance to see his show, definitely go!