1. I have a good feeling that we’ll be seeing plenty of Jim and Pam in this episode! Looks great!

  2. Jim & Pam looked painfully adorable… Why is Pam pulling away from a little J-luv? ;)

  3. Oh my gosh, I actually screamed at the very end. I’m such a dork. I was just saying how this whole 2 week thing without a new episode has really put an affect on me and not 5 minutes later did this appear! Totally made things better! Cannot wait!

  4. Does anyone know why Pam was pulling away from Jim? Is there going to be some drama there now?

  5. #7- I don’t think there will be any drama. I’m sure Pam’s just joking with Jim. Yay Valentine’s Day (if a little late)!

  6. Question/Dwight: What is the word for when you’re more than excited? That’s what I am :o)

  7. Guys, guys, don’t worry about her pulling away. I took it as being playful.

    In other words… Squee! Can’t wait!

  8. Looks like Pam finally dropped the “trying too hard” look. She (Jenna) is more than beautiful without all the makeup and hair products.

  9. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited!! It seems like it’s been way longer than 2 weeks. I’m not too worried about Pam pulling away from Jim at the end. It looks like they’re playing around. Jim didn’t look like he was really going for or expecting a kiss there. It looked kind of half-hearted, so I bet they’re just messing around. I’m just happy to see some Jam in the promo. Can’t wait!!

  10. As I was about to watch the promo on here, the promo came on the t.v. at almost the exact moment. Yay! Can’t wait, the Jim/Pam stuff looks cute as always :)

  11. Hmm, where are they in that first shot? Looks a lot “browner” than the office. Interesting. I’m glad to see Dwight giving blood; the episode description made it sound like only Michael would be involved with the blood drive, which made me sad.

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