1. i feel like he works because he has no one else in his life that will tolerate him lol. And contrary to popular belief, most wealthy people don’t support free loading children, they expect them to work.

  2. That was a great scene. I was glad to see meredith and angela finally. Toby’s talking head just made me full in love with him all over again. I heart Toby.

  3. I love Andy’s positive attitude, but I think he’s repressed. And, is Toby supposed to be sad-pathetic or sad-dispirited. I hope it’s the latter.

    Anyone notice the boom mic at the end? Although it was probably not supposed to be shown, I think it adds to the reality of the documentary style in which the office is supposed to be filmed.

  4. Love, love, LOVE Meredith. And once again, let’s say it all in unison. Poor Toby! Andy got wait-listed. That’s just such a perfect way to handle that situation. And they kept the money!

  5. Great scene – in fact, the only good thing about this episode at all! Great because it fleshed out the “Finer Things Club” theme, the characterizations and the interpersonal dynamic in an intimate way.
    The broadcast episode was thin by comparison.
    (I loved Meredith in this scene! Ditto the allusion to “former senator Rick Santorum”.)

  6. I’ve never been prouder to be a wait-listed attendee of Cornell University. My dad didn’t donate a building though.

    And didn’t Andy previously say (in some deleted scene or something) that he got in because he sang his way into the hearts of the admission office?? hahaha

  7. I think this deleted scene should have made the cut! The Finer Things Club subplot was not fleshed out enough in the show.

  8. Ok that was funnier than some of what made it in! Oh Angela how I love you. And Meredith.. “you clean it up” haha.

  9. So apparently Andy’s Pops is loaded? Daddy Bernard must be ‘so proud’ of Andy and all that he has acomplished. . .
    That actually explains alot about his character. Nice.

  10. So is Meredith just getting wasted at work now? I thought she tried to hide her raging alcoholism.

  11. In Traveling Salesmen it was hinted that Andy comes from money when he talks about going to Hamptons and reeling in a shark on his father’s boat

  12. One question, is Toby in the club b/c Pam’s in it or does he really like “the finer things?” I get that his ex was in a bookclub and he used to listen in, but I can’t help but wonder??

  13. Remember… “renegade clubs are dangerous.” How could they not use that line?? PRICELESS.

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