Brian Baumgartner plays Tahoe golf

Brian BaumgartnerThe Office’s Brian Baumgartner has been at Lake Tahoe this week participating in the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship.

The final round is airing right now on NBC — maybe we can spot Brian!

Here are various tidbits about his week.

July 17


Everyone loves Brian Baumgartner of “The Office” fame. He’s taking time to talk to all the fans on 17. Photo

From Associated Press:

[Ray] Romano was in a group with actor Brian Baumgartner, who plays Kevin on NBC’s sitcom “The Office.” His approach shot on his final hole ran 160 yards and trickled onto the green 6 feet from the hole.

“Nice shot, Bruce!” a fan shouted.

“It’s Brian,” he said, “but thanks.”

July 18



Actor Brian Baumgartner had the shot of the day — and probably his life — when he sunk a shot from about 175 yards out on the par-5 fourth for an eagle, good for 6 points in the modified Stableford scoring system.

“That was exactly my recipe for success on this hole,” he quipped as he reached down to pull the ball out of the hole.

Baumgartner, who plays Kevin on the hit NBC series “The Office,” nearly got an ace on the par-3 seventh when his tee shot rolled within a few feet of the pin. He settled for a birdie.

However, not all of his shots were that accurate. On the third hole, Baumgartner nearly hit player partner Mike Shanahan with an errant shot off the fairway.

“I thought we were tight,” Shanahan joked after dodging the ball.

Brian talks about the LiveStrong Foundation

Brian talks about Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong Foundation, a beneficiary of the American Century Championship.

Brian with Lawrence Taylor at Backstage Creations Event

Brian Baumgartner