Brian Baumgartner’s tour of ‘The Office’ set

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 | 26 comments


Tipster: Tess


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  1. 6. a roomy twin  

    Free snacks!!! How kool is that!?

  2. 5. Bryant  

    Anyone notice “Seyko”?? haha I believe it’s supposed to be Seiko….Awesome Video!

  3. 4. Sticious  

    I love the fact that Brian still blogs as Kevin, as he mentioned.

  4. 3. andyroke  

    Does anyone else agree they have the best job in the world?

  5. 2. Jim (well, not THAT Jim)  

    The more I hear Brian talk in his normal voice, the more I admire the voice he puts on for Kevin.

  6. 1. Rachel  

    I see a picture of Pam on Jim’s desk, yay!

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