1. Oh, Holly! When will they extend your contract becasue I really want to Michael to say, “I’m having a Holly Jolly Christmas!”

  2. Every time I see Holly, the more perfect she seems for Michael!

    I loved the “Pencils down! just kidding, take your time.” :P

  3. I think Michael’s found his true love. I think it’ll be funny to have Ryan the reason they have to have a business ethics meeting in the room.

  4. October 9th is John Lennon’s birthday, so yeah…sounds like a double celebration to me!

    (It’s like NBC planned this around me since I’m going to be busy next weekend.)

  5. Don’t care if Toby comes back, don’t care if he doesn’t. All I care about is that Holly can never leave.

  6. I love Holly. She pulls off Michael’s sense of humor in a much… hmm… how do I word this? She’s not as obnoxious… at least not yet. :)

  7. “Pencils down” brings back bad memories of the writer’s strike and california IQ Tests in First Grade. That clip was terrific. I adore Holly and Michael. They are perfect together.

  8. I love Holly! She’s instantly fit into the groove of the show. I really do hope they further extend her contract. She’s so dorky, and perfect for Michael!

  9. AHHhhhaaa I can’t even watch the clip but I lol’ed at the thought of #1’s comment. that would be freakin awesome!

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