1. That reminded me of the time Oscar was helping Michael with his financial problems. This scene could have worked in the show.

  2. haha! I love how Oscar gives good advise and Andy doesn’t. 10/10 for this one!

    btw, the only time that you should exchange all your money is when you will be getting more back when changing it back to the dollar. We got about 120-140 extra dollars back when we took dollars, changed them to Euros, spent some and changed it back. just fyi!

  3. Naw, the worst one is still the one where Phyllis admits to running over someone with bob and driving away.

  4. It was okay and kinda funny, but lately they’ve been having bad deleted scenes. I guess that just shows that their editing is really good! :)

  5. “Canada is like, the gayest country on earth”

    The Canadian in me is cringing, the American in me is DYING laughing. That’s what she said. Awesome.

  6. Really liked the currency exchange one, but it’s 1.5 minutes that needed to be used for something else, that’s understandable.

    In the second one, I almost thought Seth MacFarlane was the not-gay guy.

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