Caption Distraction — VP Edition

The Office

In the spirit of bipartisanship, I present to you this special vice-presidential edition of the OfficeTally caption contest.

(Actually, this is just a distraction from the fact that we don’t get to watch a new episode of “The Office” tonight.)

UPDATE: here are some of my favorite entries. In some cases, I slightly reworded entries to make them fit or read better, but the credit is still yours. WINNERS — patrick, nicole, and little fish in the big apple! Congrats!

Sarah Palin

Joe Biden

What to do: fill in what Senator Biden and Governor Palin are saying! Text must be inspired by something said on “The Office” — is an awesome source for every line ever said on the show. Oh and I’m sure tonight’s vice presidential debate will give you some good ideas, too. ;)

Check out a couple of examples here.

To submit an entry: add a comment to this post with your text. You can submit a caption for Biden, Palin, or both.

Rules: 20 word limit per bubble. U.S. only, ONE ENTRY PER PERSON, must be Office-related, must use correct spelling/punctuation/grammar, valid email address required.

Prize: I’ll pick three winners to receive Target Office goodies.

Deadline: 6pm PT tomorrow, October 3rd. You only have 24 hours! CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED TO NEW ENTRIES.

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A Tan Monster/Matt Collins Joint


  1. Pallin: And that is why our nation must change over our currency to Schrute Bucks.

    Biden: They got engaged where? In what? Wow!

  2. Palin: On one hand, our healthcare plan is not as affordable as the Democrats’, but we cover everything- even countchoculitis.

  3. Palin: What’s the difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom?
    Biden: A hockey mom has a vagina!
    Palin: It’s a joke, Joe. Not a sex ed class.
    Biden: But I’m right.
    Palin: Yeah, you’re right about the difference between a pitbull and a woman, but not about the punch line to the joke, right? The difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom is… boobs!

  4. Palin – Abraham Lincoln once said, if you are a Democrat, I will attack you with the North. I hope to bring those same principles with me, to the White House.

  5. Palin: How many times have I told you? I’m the safety officer, not you.

    Biden: I… you know, as that was coming out of my mouth, I knew that it was wrong.

  6. Biden: “What’s up ma’ nerds!”

    Palin: “Beyonce; pink, the color; Pink, the person; hot dogs… basically, anything that is awesome. Snow cones…”

  7. Pallin – Wow! That is really hard. You really think you can go all day long? Well, you always left me satisfied and smiling, so…
    Biden: THAT’S WHAT SHE SAIDYou’ve always left me smiling and satisfied

  8. Mr. Biden: (cement face print/lower tax rates) i… LOVE IT!!!!!

    Mrs. Palin: Which is my horrible segway into this debate….

  9. Biden: “It’s so freakin’ hot in there. Now I know what Bob Hope was going through when he performed in Saudi Arabia. Man!”

    Palin: “Guys are usually my best customers, they buy the high end stuff like the beads and the sequins and stuff. For gifts, you know? They don’t know what they are looking at. So I make suggestions.”

  10. Biden- Ooh! It’s pretzel day!

    Palin- I, the delegate from Iceland, officially open these Flonkerton games.

  11. Palin: “So here’s Russia, so…such a short distance has given me so much foreign policy experience that…it’s really incalculable.”


  12. Palin: You ask me how I sleep at night? Let me turn this question over to my dear friend, Miss Angela Martin.

    Biden: I don’t know ANYTHING about a raccoon in a car.

  13. Biden – WHOA!!! This is not my Batman glass.

    Palin – You’ll win this lovely new CAR!!!

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