Caption Distraction — VP Edition

The Office

In the spirit of bipartisanship, I present to you this special vice-presidential edition of the OfficeTally caption contest.

(Actually, this is just a distraction from the fact that we don’t get to watch a new episode of “The Office” tonight.)

UPDATE: here are some of my favorite entries. In some cases, I slightly reworded entries to make them fit or read better, but the credit is still yours. WINNERS — patrick, nicole, and little fish in the big apple! Congrats!

Sarah Palin

Joe Biden

What to do: fill in what Senator Biden and Governor Palin are saying! Text must be inspired by something said on “The Office” — is an awesome source for every line ever said on the show. Oh and I’m sure tonight’s vice presidential debate will give you some good ideas, too. ;)

Check out a couple of examples here.

To submit an entry: add a comment to this post with your text. You can submit a caption for Biden, Palin, or both.

Rules: 20 word limit per bubble. U.S. only, ONE ENTRY PER PERSON, must be Office-related, must use correct spelling/punctuation/grammar, valid email address required.

Prize: I’ll pick three winners to receive Target Office goodies.

Deadline: 6pm PT tomorrow, October 3rd. You only have 24 hours! CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED TO NEW ENTRIES.

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