Casting side for ‘Martin’

SPOILER WARNING! Here’s a casting side for what looks to be a scene from The Convict.

Michael wanders nonchalantly over to Martin.
Michael: Hey buddy, how you doing?
Martin: Good.
Michael: High five!
Martin gives him a ‘high five.’
Michael: No, stand up. Gimme five.
Martin stands up and as he gives the ‘high five,’ Michael somehow manages to tap him on both trouser pockets and a jacket pocket.
Michael (offering two hands): Both together.
As Martin ‘high fives’ Michael with both hands, Dwight appears behind Martin and pats him down.
Martin: What are you doing?
Michael: Nothing.
Martin: Something’s gone missing, right?
Dwight: How would you know that?
Michael: No one’s accusing anyone.
Martin: Well you are accusing me because you just came over and did a stop and search in the middle of the office.
The other staff have stopped what they are doing and are watching this unfold.
Martin: What’s gone missing?
Dwight: His PDA. He saw you looking at it.
Martin: You saw me looking at it? Well then I must be guilty.
Michael: It’s routine procedure, we just need to check your pockets and your desk.
Martin: Okay, I don’t believe you’re allowed to do that.
Michael: See, now that sounds like you have something to hide.

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