1. Totally cute Jim and Pam interaction! And typical Dwight! So sad they had to cut it!

  2. Great deleted scene, but I’m having trouble hearing what Jim says when he is explaining why Pam is an amazon women. Could someone tell me?

  3. #6 Jhony — I think he says “It’s like King Kong. You’re like the attraction to raise money…”

  4. I want that island. I think I just found my Halloween costume for this year, “Amazon Pam”. Now I need to find my own “Train Conductor Jim”.

  5. Brillant JAM!
    Why oh Why did they cut that?
    I want that island! Priceless ;)

  6. You block my view of the shredder.

    Thanks 7. NotaBadDay.. I replayed it 4-5 times just to try and hear that interchange.

  7. That was funny, but I don’t like how hostile dwight is being. I hope he goes back to being an ignorant lackey.

  8. Why is Dwight so snappy lately, it seems his character is just loud and angry all the time now.

  9. awww. cute :)

    concerning dwight:
    my theory is that this is really what dwight’s like with no angela…. has anyone else noticed how angela hasn’t been as bad without dwight or andy..but dwight seems more angry. i hope it changes.

  10. I love how she says “a little island” heeee. Cute..any JAM interaction is good at this point..I feel like we’ve been slighted lately.

  11. This is why I’m so glad they show us deleted scenes. Even if it doesn’t fit in with the actual episode, they still want us to know that it HAPPENED, and thus it’s still canon. Obviously this particular scene is not that important (though awesome) but other deleted scenes, like when Jim talks about his first date with Pam back in S2 are.

  12. Haha, great scene…should have been in the episode! Would have easily traded that for the cold open.

  13. Actually, Angela’s been just a bit… nuts without Dwight. Does licking her cat ring a bell?

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