CBS to release own version of The Office

The Onion is reporting that CBS will be airing its own version of The Office — an idea which I believe is sadly misguided.

“You can’t just take a show that good, throw in a new set of actors, and expect the same results,” said Jennie Tan, who runs a popular fansite for the NBC show. “CBS just has to accept that there will simply never be another character like Michael Scott, ever.”

You got that right, Onion. You got that right.

Source: CBS To Release Own Version Of NBC’s The Office

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OfficeTally The Onion interview

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P.S. Ce n’est pas vrai, mes amis.


  1. i cant believe this!!! this is crazy! i didnt think they could have two same show on two different networks??? well, it’s not gonna work.. The NBC Office is the best. They can’t compete with the Pam and Jim. Their love is true love, and only this Office will acurately portray it.

    GO NBC “OFFICE”!!!!!

  2. Isnt this illegal somehow? Maybe copyright infringement? Also I dont know what they are thinking if they honestly beleive they can compete with the Original American Office. I hope this show fails miserably, maybe im just crazy (very very likely) but I feel personally offended that CBS would even consider this idea.

  3. HAHAHA!! The Onion is a hilarious site. Imagine if that was actually true…David Spade, as good as Steve Carell? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  4. So, seriously….is this a joke? I don’t know anything about The Onion but just the way the story reads, it sounds completely fake. Because this is a horrible, terrible, completely ridiculous idea.

    Somebody, please help me out. This IS a joke, right?

  5. Look up the Onion website somewhere, perhaps Wikipedia. Or read some of the other articles. All will be made clear

  6. I admit I first had a WTF reaction but thankfully its The Onion. Hahaha nice, too funny. I love how even the people who think its real on here sound just like fans of the British Office when they said it would never work. Of course in this case, it’s true because the CBS idea is ridiculous.

  7. how’d they make that picture with david spade? i know the onion is satire, but I really need to be absolutely sure this is fake before my heart is at ease

  8. I almost had a “wha-wha-what?!?” moment until I saw it was from the Onion. Then it was absolutely hilarious. :)

  9. to qoute Jim Halpert…..”well done.”
    The Onion is awesome. Tanster, did you really give that qoute for them? How did you get involved cuz thats awesome

  10. Damian, no, that quote wasn’t something I actually said. They had contacted me a few weeks ago saying they wanted to use my name in an article they were writing about The Office. Cool, huh? :)

    One of my favorite parts: “The budding romance between Jen and Tom is really the foundation of the show,” said director Howard Gatson, who has made their connection “more believable” by casting more traditionally attractive actors in the roles. “People are going to tune in every week to see if Jen will ever leave her fiancĂ© to be with Tom. And they’ll be so relieved when she finally does in episode three.”

  11. I’m guessing that because some people aren’t sure that this is a joke that they aren’t familiar with the onion. Is the onion just a regional thing? I don’t think so, because I heard all of the writers work in new york.
    Fun fact- the onion originated in good ol’ Madison, Wisconsin!
    Oh, the onion. you truely are america’s finest news source.

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