1. I’m so freakin excited for this!! Clue is my favorite board game ever, and now to see that there is an OFFICE verison makes it that much better! I’ll be making this purchase the day it’s out, for sure!!

  2. Awesome! It’s great that the creators are big fans of the show.

    I don’t get how the bicycle chain is related to The Office? Was is from the donated bike from Benihana Christmas?

  3. This definitely just made my morning!! I used to LOVE Clue and I absolutely LOVE The Office! What a beautiful combination! =)

  4. I think the bicycle chain was from Andy and Dwight’s “Duel” in the parking lot. Dwight kept hitting Andy’s Prius with a bike chain.

  5. Using the original colors as their “levels” is brilliant. I’m also happy they included the sales team’s desks in the centerpiece. They did a very good job of Clueifying the open plan layout; it looks very Clue and very Dunder Mifflin at the same time.

    “Look closely on the carpet in Michael’s office for something less obvious.” You mean the thing?

    All in all, this is a definite must-buy, even better in my opinion than the trivia games. Bring on Monopoly!

  6. Oops, forgot: are there two covers to the game? Amazon has the Dwight cover while EE shows the Michael tack-board version.

  7. Poor Toby. I’ve never been a Clue fan so I’m still not sure about this purchase. Maybe someone will buy it first and I can play it before I buy it.

  8. Wow, I totally thought those game pieces were gonna be for Office Monopoly, actually I’m kinda sad it didn’t turn out to be that.

  9. And wouldn’t it make the most sense that MICHAEL killed Toby? He’s really the only one who hates him.

  10. This is awesome!! I can’t wait until it comes out! For once, I’m not gonna have a hard time coming up with a Christmas list this year!

  11. Woot! I’ve just bought mine on Amazon.

    So glad it wasn’t Officeopoly- I can’t stand the Monopoly games (of course my son has four different versions he’s always trying to get me to play.)

  12. That is awesome! I wished i never told my wife that i think they were making an Office bracelet. Oops. Ah well, this beats that, because i can enjoy this, sweet!!

  13. I just sent my sister a text message with the picture of the box and told her this is what I want now 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 now! This is too cool and awesome! I know what I’ll be getting for Christmas!

  14. O.M.G.!! I thought Monopoly, but Clue is awesome! I was obsessed with the original years ago. Love it! Who killed Toby? Hilarious!

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