Clue: The Office game

Clue: The Office GameEven though Clue: The Office Edition was released back on August 23rd, it seemed fitting to re-introduce it here on OfficeTally.

Where to buy:

Here’s more info, photos, and even a little Q&A with the game developer.

  • Description: Dunder Mifflin employees must determine WHO “killed” Toby, with WHAT office weapon and WHERE the crime occurred. Can you solve this Scranton mystery before it’s too late? The classic game of whodunit gets a Dunder Mifflin makeover. A must-have collectible for any Office fan!
  • Features: 9 custom pewter weapons, 6 employees as the suspects with their employee badges as the movers, a custom game board featuring 9 locations inside Dunder Mifflin Paper Company where the murder occurred, and intrigue and clock cards that add fun and intrigue as well as faster game play.
  • Photos: Box | Board | Game pieces | Everything
  • Q&A: How the game was developed
  • Giveaway: now closed

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  1. Just arrived from the NBC store! I played w/ my sisters and it’s so much fun. I won – yay! :)

    #61 – Jack : the box says for 3-6 players.

  2. Borders stores are now carrying them for $39.99 but with the various coupons you can get here it’s prolly the cheapest around.

  3. Thanks, phyllis*farm, for posting the link to that coupon! I saw it at Borders but the $40 price was a little much for me.

    Thank you, Tanster, for letting us have a forum to help out fellow Office fans! :)

  4. To get 40% off at Borders use code: BRE1129H

    $24 is pretty cheap or add a dollar book for free shipping.

  5. JCPenny has the game for $29.99 on sale from $50. Also if you use a JCP charge card you can get an additional 10-30% off on the game. I got it in store Wednesday for about $25 with my mom’s charge card. not bad!

  6. Played it today. It was really fun, confusing at first, but that’s normal. Got it for 24.99. I wanted Clue anyway, so why not Office Clue.

    Good Game!

  7. I ordered it from on Friday, I am now waiting for it to ship and then arrive. I can’t wait!

  8. I was soooooo excited to get The Office Clue for Christmas!! The gameboard and parts are so true to the show, and it’s fantastic. I especially like the “World’s Best Boss” mug as a weapon and the fact that there is a “This man is a pervert” poster just barely visible on the fridge in the breakroom. haha!

  9. I was so excited to get The Office Clue for Christmas!! Just played it tonight and loved it. I was the only Office fan playing so I got to tell them about the characters, places and weapons!! I won, of course!! :)

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