1. that was a really cute moment with the two of them!! I would be nice to have more moments like that make the final cut!! :)

  2. Can anyone explain the reasoning behind blocking viewers outside the US? I’m in Canada too, this is ridiculous.

  3. #3 Alli – I agree. Very Sweet moment, this would have went well with all the chaos in tonights episode.

  4. I love Oscar and Angela bonding over their mutual distaste for the scummy bar. Oscar & Angela friendship yay!

  5. I wish that clip had been in there – I laughed when the bartender/waiter was able to correctly identify all Meredith’s co-workers.

    The Angela-Oscar moment was nice: they both bond over being snobby about Poor Richard’s. lol

  6. I wish they would have put that scene in!! Lol! We didn’t get enough of the bar scenes! This show should be an hour!! At first I thought, “Oo Dwight should watch his back…” then I remembered…wait…no that’s not right…

  7. Big Tuna, heh… Oscela does look better but Angcar is funnier. One of my friends suggested “Pim” instead of “Jam.” I find that hilarious.

  8. Yeah, great Angela/Oscar moment.

    This is the first time I’m wishing for a particular deleted scene, but I really hope they put out more of the stuff with Pam and Roy at the end. The pace of his whole reaction leading up to his explosion seemed too rushed to me, like they had to cram it in for time’s sake. I feel like even though he would have been shocked and angry as soon as Pam said anything, that he would have asked at least a few questions before totally losing it. So, I’d really like to see what else they filmed for that scene.

  9. I am in Canada too but here’s what I did to get past the “BLOCKING” thing…seriously it works, ask around here.

    1. download Ultrasurf, run it,Connect and it should open your Internet Explorer and take you to their Homepage

    2.go to the Deleted scenes section and you should be able to see it now, try all the three ports listed if the first one doesn’t work. it works perfectly on my end(that’s what she said!)..lol

  10. 20something minutes just doesn’t do this show justice, that deleted scene was great! i’m really glad they put up clips for the fanatics to savor, while we wait anxiously for the next episode to air. hope solismm’s tips work for you canadians!

  11. I don’t understand how some deleted scenes are available to us Canadians, but others aren’t. What a tease!

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