Comic-Con not so live blogging

The Office Comic-Con

Mindy Kaling, Michael Schur, and Jen Celotta at Comic-Con’s Office writers panel.

Update 8pm: okay, live blogging from Comic-Con today was kind of a dismal failure. Mostly because Matt and I were so completely busy after The Office panel in the press room with Greg Daniels, Michael Schur, Jen Celotta, Rainn Wilson, Justin Spitzer, and Lee Eisenberg. We’ve got some good Season 5 scoop for you, including information about upcoming episodes. We’re exhausted, so we may not post until tomorrow …

I will tell you that the crowd that came to attend The Office panel was massive — so massive that many fans decided to attend the two panel discussions that occurred prior to The Office panel just to get into the room and secure good seats. (Comic-Con does not clear the rooms between sessions.)

Matt and I had that very same idea — we started waiting in line around 10am to get into the Sarah Connor Chronicles panel, which started at 11:30am. Our seats weren’t great, but as soon as the panel ended, we rushed forward as fast as we could to secure fourth row seats for The Office panel, which started at 12:45.

Rainn did an awesome job of moderating the panel with his ascerbic wit and silly comments, some aimed directly at fans that had lined up at the microphone to ask questions. One young lady had clipped a Dwight stress ball to her hair, to which Rainn remarked, “is that a Dwight tumor on your head?”

Anyway, should be posting the entire panel very soon, and I will link to it here as soon as they do!

We will attempt to live blog from Comic-Con on Saturday as we face throngs of people dressed as characters from shows we know nothing about, stand in endless lines, attend The Office panel (our MAIN EVENT!), and hopefully, get some face time with the writers.

If you have an interesting question, please post it (along with which writer the question is for, or if it’s for Matt or me) in a comment below.

Don’t know if any questions will actually get answered, but remember the last time we did live blogging, Mike Schur promised he would name a Tallyhead’s dog!