1. I’m totally starting to imagine things, because I thought I spotted a tiny Pam baby bump when the volleyball deleted scene first started. My eyes are playing tricks on me because of the Jam baby anticipation!

  2. Honestly, I would have preferred these scenes over the whole pregnancy storyline.

  3. “Well actually, my hands work completely on their own without my brain even knowing it.” <–Brilliant.

  4. It’s a shame we didn’t see Karen at all in this episode. It would have been interesting to see the love triangle back together again.

  5. I wish they kept that volleyball scene. It was a bit like the three stooges with Jim as Moe.

  6. Have these deleted scenes stopped playing for anyone else? I hit play and the blue circle thingy just spins and nothing happens. It does this on both my PC and my Mac, which is strange.

  7. Haha I totally do that Stanley thing where I make my friends stand in front of the sun for me. Also WHOA!! Look at how big Meredith’s son has gotten!!

  8. @10:

    Yeah, I’ve had this problem as well. I had to refresh the page a couple times for the video to finally play. Weird.

  9. Haha JAKE! Poor kid. That’s right, we haven’t seen him since Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

  10. I so wish this had been a 1-hour episode!! Judging from this first deleted scene, there are so many little snippets that would have made the episode even more fun! Darn…

  11. Is it just me, or does knowing Jim Halpert is going to be a father make these little scenes that much more adorable?

    Deleted scenes are like 27 different kinds of awesome.

  12. Maybe they can do a supersized episode online like they did for (forgive me, the name escapes me) that other episode towards the beginning of the season. Tanster, got any pull with this? :)

  13. #10 – Sometallusjinks – Yes it happens to me to. It’s really hit or miss and I haven’t noticed if closing other windows or programs has helped. I use both kinds of computers too. I usually leave it alone for a little bit or refresh the page and then it’s okay. But yes it’s totally a pain.

  14. Wow! That really, REALLY should have been in the episode. More of this please, and less boring sketch “comedy” from Michael and Holly. (I liked their other scenes, I just thought Slumdunder Mifflinaire went on a little too long).

  15. I wish this scene made it into the final cut! I liked seeing Jake all grown up and Dwight, Andy, and Jim poking fun at Utica.

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