‘Company Picnic’ Scranton T-shirt Giveaway

The Office Company Picnic

Here’s your chance to win a Scranton t-shirt from The Office Season 5 finale, ‘Company Picnic’!

This is the exact same shirt that was worn by the cast during the episode, shown here!

The t-shirt is size XL, and shows “Scranton” on the front, and “Company Picnic ’09” on the back with the Dunder Mifflin logo.

To enter the giveaway: after the jump, you’ll see a photo from an actual scene of ‘Company Picnic,’ and you’ll be required to answer a question about the photo. There’s nothing really spoilerish about the photo, but I’m putting it behind a jump in case.

Link: Enter the giveaway here! CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.

UPDATE 5/6: sadly, the original winner didn’t claim their prize in time. I have now contacted a NEW winner. The email title is “Congratulations! You’ve won The Office’s ‘Company Picnic’ shirt from OfficeTally!” Check your inbox, Tallyheads!


  1. They’re looking at Michael talking with Holly, hoping he’s not making a fool of himself.

  2. Heated game of badminton – team Halpert (Jim & Andy) vs. team Scott(Michael & Ryan)…mid volley. Game continues to get interrupted anytime someone says the word “shuttlecock” and Michael starts to laugh uncontrollably.

  3. Although they knew better, they wanted to see how Michael’s three-legged man race with A.J. from Nashua would end.

  4. These Dunder Mifflinites are probably looking at Michael as he is approaching Holly and wondering as we are what’s going to happen.

  5. They are watching Michael Scott make a speech about his return to the company while Creed uses the distraction to steal anything from the picnic he can. It’s just something he does.

  6. Michael’s trying to get the picnicgoers to sing his newest appropriately titled song parody to him, “Stay (I Missed You)” .

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