Contest: Dead or Alive (Take Two)

Note: There was a glitch in the way entries were validated in the previous post, so we are starting over here. Sorry for the inconvenience!

How to play

Add a comment to this post with the following items:

  • The name of a real person, dead or alive, spoken on The Office
  • The title of the episode in which this person is mentioned


  • Enter one name only, in one comment only.
  • Don’t add an entry that has already been added in a previous comment.
  • Only real people count; not TV or movie characters, etc.
  • Only people mentioned in broadcast episodes count; not deleted scenes, webisodes, etc.
  • If a person is mentioned in more than one episode, each instance counts as a valid entry.
  • You must enter a valid email address with your comment.
  • All invalid (incomplete, misspelled, duplicate, multiple, unverifiable, off-topic, etc.) entries will be disqualified. Read previous comments carefully before you enter yours!
  • This contest is open to U.S. contestants only.

Sample entry

Feel free to copy and paste this sample text and customize it for your own entry.

Person: Doris Roberts
Episode: Hot Girl


One valid entry will be randomly selected to win a brand new Dwight Schrute Bobblehead! (Courtesy NBC)


You have until Wednesday, Sept. 20, 11pm PT to add your entry.


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