Countdown to tonight’s finale

SPOILER WARNING! Content and comments posted here may contain spoilers.

How excited are we for tonight’s Season 4 finale of ‘The Office’? OMIGOD VERY.

Here’s a listing of finale-related posts.

Is your head going to explode? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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  1. My Predictions:
    -Jan is pregnant, with Hunter’s baby (maybe we’ll know it’s Hunter’s, maybe not)
    -Ryan is fired, perhaps due to sexual indiscretions, general job performance, or his drug use.
    -Jim is offered Ryan’s job in NYC.
    -Pam is stoked about this, as she would like to pursue graphic design school.
    -Jim and Pam are engaged or married by the end of the episode.
    -Toby makes a last-ditch effort at Pam before leaving. He will fail miserably.
    -Creed will act bewildered the entire episode.
    -Angela and Dwight will have a moment of passion that will be witnessed by many office workers.
    -Kelly will act like a total dope.
    -Kevin will bet on something.
    -Stanley will be sassy.
    -Oscar will still be gay at the end of the episode.

  2. Dawesome. Dawesome. Dawesome.

    I will be glued to my television!

    Oh, how will I survive the summer months without The Office??!?!?

  3. I am so excited! I cannot wait! We are having an Office Finale party at my house, complete with cupcakes. Tanster, this waiting game is torture! How can you not explode with all of the details of what you know? It is definitely a good thing that you are given these opportunities and not me because I would have probably broken by now! You rock and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on everything after it airs!

    [from tanster: i actually know very little about tonight’s episode, i’m just as excited as you are!]

  4. It feels like christmas eve when I was a kid, I am really looking forward to tonight. Is anyone going to any viewing parties?

  5. The Office starts an hour after what could be the final San Antonio Spurs game of the season. My husband and I are gonna get into it, I can feel it. I’m now regretting not having 2 TV’s……. Thank God we can watch the show here the next day, at our favorite Office website. Thanks Tanster!!

  6. I think that after the finale, it will take me at least two weeks to stop thinking about it! It sounds so good and I am SO excited!

    Tanster, when you visited the set did you have to sign a confidentiality agreement?

    [from tanster: absolutely i did. :) ]

  7. Oh man, it would just so happen that I’m the west coast this week visiting my dad. He has east coast direct tv on every station…but NBC. ahh!!! I don’t know how I’m going to handle it! I have a newfound respect for you West Coasters!

  8. Gah… what is happening to me…. oh my…

    *Head Explodes*

    I cannot wait ’till tonight!

  9. My prediction for Jim and Pam (and they’re never right) is that Jim will plan the proposal and we will all see this. He’ll call her parents, etc. Pam towards the end will then tell Jim that she wants to go to Philly or New York to pursue graphic design for the summer. He then realizes that it’s not the time to propose and cancels it. So basically, they’ll still be on ‘The Office’ next season in Scranton and they won’t break up.

    And I definitely think Toby will try one last time for Pam. And I hope Kelly is pregnant with Darryl’s baby…that would be perfect. Maybe Ryan tries to fight him…

  10. Maybe we’ll get a spin-off introduction. I’m betting that it’ll be a great cross-over comedy where Toby goes to work HR for Gobias Industries.

  11. I never even thought about the chance that Kelly could be pregnant. That is much less predictable than Jan being pregnant. Oh this is going to be good.

  12. I like Krista’s predictions in the first post. But, if Jim & Pam move to NYC, what’ll happen with the show?

  13. i have some painting to do at my new house and told my boyfriend that we have to be out of there by 8. he said ‘why? is the office on early tonight?’ my reply was no, but that i would like to get home in enough time to mentally prepare for the event. he laughed at me but i knew you all would understand.

  14. I don’t think a breakup is in the cards for Jim and Pam. Why would her wanting to pursue graphic design school be a deal-breaker? He has always encouraged her in that regard.

    Now, as for what would happen to the show and the Scranton office, I don’t know! I don’t think it would be a good move for Jim and Pam to headline the spinoff, and I’m not sure they would do another season where half of the action happens in another city…Hmmmmmm…

  15. EEEK! I woke up this morning with butterflies in my stomach, I’m so excited! Only nine more hours to go!

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