Craig Robinson and Greg Daniels’ new comedy

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 | 12 comments


April 10 update: Craig says the show is titled ‘Mr. Robinson.’

From Deadline:

In his first major sale this season, The Office developer/executive producer Greg Daniels has set up a comedy at NBC starring The Office regular Craig Robinson and written by the show’s supervising producer Owen Ellickson. The untitled project centers on a talented musician (Robinson) with rough edges who adjusts to his new life as a music teacher in a big-city middle school, where he encounters teacher politics and the temptations of single moms.

Congratulations, Craig, Greg, and Owen!

Link: Craig Robinson to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot from The Office’s Greg Daniels


  1. 1. lynn  

    This is great news. Craig Robinson deserves this!

  2. 2. Dinner Party  

    Now this sounds promising!

  3. 3. DaOffice  

    Good for Craig. Reading the synopsis though, it kinda sounds like The Steve Harvey Show

  4. 4. Big Haircut  

    Hopefully one of these new shows featuring Office stars turns out to be a gem.

  5. 5. Mittah Rogers  

    And congratulations to Owen! This show sounds excellent.

  6. 6. remember to call  

    So wait, is this premiering next fall?

    Great to see Greg will be involved, even if he continues to be less involved with Parks & Rec.

  7. 7. Mata Leao  

    I know this has already been said but…this sounds EXACTLY like The Steve Harvey Show

  8. 8. Llsa  

    And please tell me danny mcbride is gonna guest star
    they are so funny together

  9. 9. Heffernan  

    This kinda reminds me of eastbound and down

  10. 10. DianeSparkles  

    Yay!!!! I love Craig! He is so talented. Show sounds great. I’m very happy for everyone and can’t wait to watch it!

  11. 11. Josh  

    This definitely sounds promising. Craig is a great actor, loved him in Pineapple Express. I can definitely see this happening with the “big city” mentioned being Chicago, also his hometown. With the push for education, and need for teachers as well as the recent teachers strike in Chicago that has been in the media, it could definitely draw some attention. Of course it’s a comedy so not necessarily the same crowd, just saying I can see how Greg sold it to the execs. Smart move.

  12. 12. Steven  

    Sounds just like the Steve Harvey show, but still will watch

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